Child Theater presents” the star of dreams” play

Within the activities of the Ministry of Culture, Child Theater, AL -Hamra Theater presented the play "Star of Dreams" by the writer Faten Derki and director Sohair Barhoum with participation of a number of actors, including several children.

Syria Times interviewed the director who told us about the idea of the play:

“The play has educational goals such as diligence, rejection of laziness, bearing responsibility, and non-dependence.

The character of dreams star in the play is just a guide for the child to the right way to achieve his dreams because the realization of dreams does not come by request and wish, but by perseverance and diligence.

The play also referred to the idea of gender discrimination that exists among some people in the countryside, which causes a gap between brothers and sisters this is the responsibility of parents who must cultivate love and cooperation between siblings .

Barhoum added that  artistic form of the play has an important role in the play, including clothes, lighting, music and make-up, especially the decoration, which represented a small child’s painting that expressed childhood and loving family atmosphere that simulates the child's mind and its simplicity away from indoctrination and complexity. The play was entertaining in the first degree and purposeful at the second degree.

Syria Times interviewed the writer Faten Derki, who spoke about the play:

“The basic idea of the play is entrenching cooperation and love among family members and some of the educational values such as honesty, belonging, and sharing  because the future of this generation is our responsibility and the building of man begins with the child  as the child is the basis and we must pay attention to build his personality first.

Dirky added: I had a previous play”Nimrod and Friends” in which I dealt with the issue of bullying among children and its negative effects on the psyche of the child.

It is noteworthy that the play Najmat Al-Ahlam will  continue to be performed daily at the Hamra Theater until next Thursday.

Sanaa Hasan