The Damascus Orchestra celebrates Christmas nights with a concert at the Al-Hamra Theater

 The Damascus Orchestra has presented a distinct lyrical combination of traditional ,patriotic and Christmas songs  to the audience of the Hamra theater.

The evening began with a musical performance by composer Adnan Fathallah, followed by Muwashah Andalusi (I said why), and a sketch of love for the Rahbani brothers.

Muhammad Zaghloul, leader of the Damascus Orchestra, stated that the evening, titled Evening of Love and Birth, comes within the joys of the glorious birthdays and the New Year.

Zaghloul added that the goal of the evening is to deliver a message that Syria, despite sadness pain and siege, lives the joys of the holidays.


Zaghloul pointed out that the orchestra carefully selected the musical compositions included in the concert, as it presented different colors that included the heritage of Sama'i and Muwashahat, a song by the musician Farid Al-Atrash, in addition to the dialogue of “Soihat Love”.

Zaghloul indicated that the evening program took time to prepare with great effort from the members of the orchestra to show the ability of the soprano youth voices who performed songs professionally and with perfection, and they are graduates of the Higher Institute of Music.

It is noteworthy that the Damascus Orchestra was founded in 2016 by musician and viola player Muhammad Zaghloul with the aim of presenting works by Syrian musicians.

O. al-Mohammad