A Collective Art Exhibition in Lattakia Marking Syrian Plastic Art Days

With the participation of 43 artists belonging to different generations and schools of art, Al-Bassel Gallery for Exhibitions in Lattakia  hosted  a collective art exhibition  organized by  the Fine Artists Union branch there in cooperation with the Directorate of Culture in Lattakia.

The event, which was held within the activities  of the Syrian Plastic Art Days, combined  between artworks by prominent  high-qualified artists  and young ones. 

The exhibits  varied between painting with a multiplicity of techniques oil, acrylic, graphics and sculpture .Wood and stone formed the two main materials in the participating sculptures.

Head of the Plastic Artists Union branch in Lattakia, Farid Raslan, told SANA  that the exhibition displayed artworks which represent  various schools  including  realism, expressionism and abstract.

 Artist Reslan believed  that the diversity in the level of experiences displayed in the exhibition  serves the development of the plastic art movement in the governorate and creates a state of dialogue between artists and the audience.

For his part, sculptor Muhammad Ba'ajano said collective  exhibitions are distinguished by  providing an opportunity  to achieve a state of communication between the participating artists in addition to encouraging them to participate in  new  artworks  to  exchange different  experiences .

Plastic artist and teacher at the Plastic Arts Center, Abdullah Khaddam, noted the importance of the effectiveness of the Syrian Plastic Art Days days  because they  give impetus to the plastic movement in  Lattakia , especially through collective  exhibitions, where different experiences from expressionism to hyper-realism converge.

In turn ,  plastic artist, Bassam Nasser’s artwork in the exhibition  symbolized  the Syrian woman in ancient civilizations. He underlined  that  such cultural  activities embody  the permanent presence of art in our country despite all the circumstances and the nobility of Syrian deep-rooted civilization  and its ability to  be distinguished.

Rawaa Ghanam