A photo exhibition in Aleppo documenting the suffering of its people due to crimes of terrorist organizations

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of Aleppo victory, the Baath Forum hosted at Baghdad station a photo exhibition entitled “Memory of a City” documenting the suffering of the city of Aleppo and its people at the hands of terrorist organizations.

Badr Al-Sayed, the supervisor of the exhibition, noted that the exhibition includes about 40 pictures that document the crimes that the city of Aleppo and its people lived through, and the siege that it was subjected to. The exhibition gives a message to all people that Aleppo remained steadfast and solid as it is the city of history, antiquity and steadfastness.

Photojournalist George Orfalian underlined the importance of the exhibition in documenting the effects of destruction and devastation left by terrorism in Aleppo through the shells, car bombs, and explosions targeting it. He asserted that he relied on the photographs he took of the city on documenting the painful moments it experienced. He asserted that he will continue in documenting the effects of terrorist attacks and the reconstruction operations.

Journalist Muhammad Hanura, editor-in-chief of Al-Jamahir newspaper highlighted the importance of the exhibition in documenting the destruction left by terrorism in the city of Aleppo and  the reconstruction process there after four years of  its liberation from terrorism which in turn will remind the recipient of how the city was years ago and how it has become now.

Inas Abdulkareem