“ Soil and Water” A Syrian Film Depicting Syrians’ Confrontation of Economic Blockade

The Syrian " Soil  and Water" movie  ,  which is currently being shot  in several areas of Syria reflects the Syrian citizen’s resistance to difficult circumstances in various details of their life.  

The film is directed by Ali Al-Maghout and produced by the General  Establishment for Cinema.

The movie  deals with economic and social issues  caused by  the economic blockade imposed on  Syria ,  their repercussions on the lives of  Syrians  and the troubles they face. 

 “ Soil  and Water” film depends on a  Docudrama  style which  records some details of the daily life in Syria, combining  in an unconventional dialectic between  the present time and the past.

It evokes the  two characters of  Ibn Khaldun, the famous Arab sociologist and Karl Marx, the German philosopher who we watch  wandering the streets and markets of old Damascus through the narration of a historian reading a book in his hands .  

Rawaa Ghanam