An evening of singing in Arabic and Syriac by the singer Sanaa Barakat

The Syrian academic singer Sana Barakat works through her musical project on reviving the Syriac heritage by publishing Syriac songs

The Syriac melodies have spread into the Syrian folklore in various governorates and the Syriac religious hymns have turned into  popular songs that people repeat at all times. 

The project is  presented by Barakat through her concerts to highlight Syrian art, which is deeply rooted in history. 

On December 16, she performed a musical evening at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts with the orchestra led by violinist George Tannous

The evening started with playing a Syriac piece entitled Ornina composed by Gabi Meso, after which she performed the blessings of a group of Arabic songs, including “Habayebna Hawalina” composed by ZakiNassif and “Because You Are My Eye” composed by Joseph Khalifa and “YaTraveling in the Sea” composed by Antoine Al Halabi and “Because I sing” composed by Charbel Rouhana and “It was the most beautiful day” by Muhammad Abdel Wahab and Layali Al-Ans by Farid Al-Atrash

She performed Syriac songs Bouther Aynikh” composed by Habib Musa and “GnotoDahobo” composed by Gabi Maso and “Zamina and Rakdina” composed by Jan Karat 

She also performed for the first time in Dar al-Assad her special song Hal Warda, composed by Nassim Deeb 

It is noteworthy that the singer Barakat graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in 2011 and holds a BA in Philosophy from Damascus University and has been a singer in the Chamber's choir of the Higher Institute of Music since 2008 and in the choir of the National Orchestra of Arab Music since 2006.


O. al-Mohammad