Defying disability, Syrian Artist Reem Al-Rawaa depicts self-confidence and determination through art

Disability makes a person’s life even more difficult than it is normally .However there are people who do not follow their disability  to become a roadblock in their lives. These disabled people have self-confidence as their biggest strength and their courage gets them success and fame.  

Unique  models are  embodied by people of determination who have challenged their disabilities and difficult health conditions, motivated  by strong will and determination to demonstrate their distinguished presence and scientific creativity  through their excellence in professional and social life.  

The young  artist Reem Al-Rawaa  overcame her hearing impairment obtaining   third position in her class at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus  university for this year.  With  self-determination  and patience, she managed to  achieve the success which  she seeks.  

 “My family's and my teachers’ constant  help and support were   the cornerstones of my progress  despite the frequent pain I had because of my disability” she expressed.   

The young artist  reviewed  her beginning with drawing from a young age and  her scientific excellence in various school stages, noting that her love of drawing made her fly into the world of colors in which she feels  her happiness in addition to spending  enjoyable time in making  several handicrafts works .   

Al-Rawaa  underlined  that she gained a lot of experiences  from various artistic directions and was able to develop her artistic and craftsmanship talents.

The artist’s paintings reflect her strong ability to express  her beautiful ideas through art works.  

She hopes  that she  will have an imprint that distinguishes her from others in the world of  plastic art  which she  considers  a  self-fulfillment and an unlimited source for expressing what you think and feel.  

Rawaa Ghanam