Artist Rania Ma’sarani participates in First Virtual Plastic Art Exhibition in Ukraine

Syrian plastic artist Rania Ma’sarani has taken part in the First Virtual Plastic Art Exhibition in Ukraine through a small sculpture representing a Palmyrene woman.

About the importance of the exhibition, Ma’sarani said that “it is an opportunity for communication between the participating artists and the public in Ukraine, especially in the light of the spread of the Corona pandemic. This virtual exhibition helped the Syrian community and those interested in art in Ukraine to know about the artwork of many Syrian plastic artists.”

She made it clear that “the difficult circumstances in which we live have not been able to stop the creativity of Syrian artists. Electronic exhibitions carry the message of the Syrian culture to the world, especially in the light of the difficulty of traveling and holding exhibitions in reality at art galleries around the world.”

 The artist indicated that today, the virtual world provides opportunities for artists in all parts of the world to meet and exchange experiences and this helps enhance cultural dialogue among peoples of the world. 

The First Virtual Plastic Art Exhibition in Ukraine is being held by the Syrian community there under the supervision of the Syrian Honorary Consulate. It posts over a period of a month the artworks of thirty participating artists and presents their artistic and creative biographies.

Hamda Mustafa