Orchidia is a theatrical synthesis of immortal works separated by expressive dancing performances

The theatrical performance "Orchidia" is a synthesis of a group of works by leading Syrian and international playwrights, in which reality and  imagination, the past and the present, tragedy and comedy and dance and music are mixed.

The work was held at Al-Hamra Theater, as part of the celebration of the Syrian Cultural Days. The performance began with a presentation of works  by the Russian writer Gregory Gorin, Saad Allah Wannous,  Shakespeare and Muhammad Al-Maghout.

The performances consisted of one scene expressing the idea of the play. A number of dances were performed in an expressive gestural way in order to place the scenes in its atmosphere.

Ayham Aisha, assistant director, said in a statement to SANA:" The work depends on the combination and diversification of a series of works to present quick ideas in an hour of time." He pointed to the attempt to present classic works as the “Merchant of Venice” in a contemporary manner suitable for the viewer of today.

Manal Al-Hamwi, the choreographer, noted that she wanted to try out  the idea of the performance with dance, dress and accompanying music for theatrical work. So, she chose Arab clothes for the work that tells about our history and that expresses Italy in the Renaissance.

Inas Abdulkareem