World Soprano Sumaya Hallaq Honored in Syrian Cultural Days

The expatriate’s  nostalgia for the homeland  and the incentive of  love and art have  motivated  the expatriate  world Soprano  Sumaya Hallaq to devote her scientific and professional expertise to the students of the Higher Institute of Music , by carrying out  many training workshops for them and presenting  opera  evenings in several governorates during the war on Syria. 

The world Soprano  has contributed effectively to convey the reality of what her  mother country had  experienced during the nine-year brutal war on Syria. 

She  deserves to be honored in her homeland in appreciation of her great efforts to transfer her knowledge and music  to the students in her homeland and at the same time presenting a beautiful picture of the creativity of Syrians and in a way challenging the unjust blockade  imposed on Syria. 

Soprano Hallaq focuses in her activities  on  children. In addition to her concern for the humanitarian aspect,  she founded the project “Hope, Love and Life  for Syrian Children’s Peace”. Most of her activities were carried out in her city Aleppo   thus deserving the title “Messenger of Peace” from the Belgian Parliament based on her project. 

In a previous statement to SANA, Hallaq  confirmed that music and theater are one of the methods of treatment against the effects of psychological war  and that the abundance of musical production in any country makes the hearts of its citizens open more towards life.

She expressed her  ambition to establish musical projects focusing on children and adolescents in all parts of Syria due to her  belief that they are the future generation who will  build their  homeland . 

It is worth mentioning  that   Al-Hallaq, who is from Syrian origin and has got a Swiss nationality,  studied singing in Geneva, where she was born and went to Venice, Italy, and then to Brussels  to complete her studies at the Royal College and at  the Opera Studio of the Copenhagen Opera in Denmark. 

During her studies, she participated in many concerts in Belgium and France. As a young artist  Hallaq  performed  at  the Venice Opera and the Royal Theater in Brussels and in Tours, France. 

 Sumaya Hallaq  is currently preparing for her new project, which is a presentation on the city of Aleppo . It is due to  be presented in March 2021 in Switzerland. 

Rawaa Ghanam