‘Homeland’s Memory’ exhibition in Citadel of Damascus

Souvenir photos, medals  and stamps of Damascus International Fair –since 1950s till 2007- plus handmade crafts are being displayed in ‘Heritage and Documentation’ Exhibition, which is being held in the Citadel of Damascus.

The three-day event, kicked off Monday under the title ‘Homeland’s Memory’, proves steadfastness of the Syrian people, who are still working despite crisis the country is going through, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Adeeb Mayyaleh told the official news agency (SANA).


He asserted that government will support Syrian craftsmen, who pressed ahead with protecting the great history of Syrian industry.

“Syrian crafts will never die,” the participants in the exhibition said,  referring to the importance of cooperation with concerned parties in the country to make heritage villages in order to back national economy  and to disseminate craft education as well as to export products abroad.

The Traditional heritage handicrafts that reflect the amazing diversity in Syria have been badly affectedly by the terror war being waged on the country, so it was necessary to see activities reviving this key sector.

The current exhibition, organized by General Establishment of International Markets and Fairs in cooperation with General Federation of Craftsmen, comes within these activities.

Here is a link of a video showing products in the exhibition: https://youtu.be/8XvyhxFGDyg  

Basma Qaddour