Najdat Anzour finishes shooting movie on ISIS (Daesh)

The Syrian Director Najdat Anzour has finished shooting a movie tackling misconceptions that affect the society and the conflict between extremism and moderation in religion.

The movie entitled ' transient and dissipate' focuses on the Syrian people's suffering from the misconceptions and their determination to live their normal lives despite the difficult circumstance Syria is going through.

 It shows a new image about ISIS (its Arabic acronym is Daesh) and al-Nusra Front [Jabhat al-Nusra] that is different from what they try to show about themselves through the media. 

The movie revolves around real events where extremist Islamic organizations capture an area in Syria whose residents are from various sects and impose tribute on Christian families and practice oppression against the other families before the Syrian army retakes the area.   

Its director told the local al-Thawra newspaper (in Arabic) that Syrians must be open to each other during the current crisis and they must carefully read and analyzes what happened in order to reach results.

Social cohesion

"There will be a social crisis after the end of the war. So we must restore the social cohesion and search for a new thinking that helps rebuild our state," Anzour said, adding that drama affects persons, who can make the required changes.

'We introduce our conceptions from our viewpoints as Syrians," he concluded.

Well over 72 actors and actresses plus 20 children perform in the movie.

On her part the scenarist Diana Kamaleddin said that there will be a global marketing for the movie because it tackles ideas, which are  important for the west.

It is noteworthy that Najdat Anzour directed the king of the Sands film, which tells the history of terrorism and connects what happened 100 years ago with the current chaos in the Arab world through depicting the foundation of the Saudi Kingdom in the 20 century, is based on reliable references.

The film emphasizes the Prince Abdulaziz Ben Abdulrahman Al-Saud's alliance with the Wahhabi movement and the British government until the declaration of the foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a series of killings and displacements as well as massacres that swept the Arabian Peninsula under the slogan of the sword and religion.

Basma Qaddour