The premiere of the Syrian epic (Rhapsody) musical work at Expo 2020 Dubai next February

Damascus (ST): As part of the cultural program organized by the Syrian Arab Republic pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, it will present on February 7 at the Jubilee Theater the premiere of the epic musical work, the Syrian Rhapsody, signed by musician Iyad Al-Rimawi, in cooperation with the Syrian Trust for Development and sponsored by Cham Wings.

The Syrian Rhapsody is the first musical work dedicated to celebrating the history of collective singing in Syria and the world. It was composed and distributed by Al-Rimawi, with the participation of more than 100 musicians and singers, led by Maestro Misak Baghboudrian.

The Palestinian Cause is most prominent in the small painting Exhibition

The Palestinian Plastic Artists Union, in cooperation with the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh in Damascus, held an exhibition of artists representing both the veteran and youth categories belonging to different art schools.

Some 35 small-sized paintings were displayed in the exhibition. These paintings, which dealt with different subjects, methods and art schools, embodied the Palestinian cause in all its stations, as well as the silent nature.

The head of the Palestinian Plastic Artists Union, Abdel Mu'ti Abu Zeid, considered that the participation of generations in one exhibition reflects the depth of belonging to a lofty cause such as Palestine, especially since the exhibition includes Syrian and Palestinian artists, which he described as normal because they ar one culture and in one militant trench.

Rehabilitation and maintenance of the Albashriat waterwheel in Hama

The Waterwheels Department of Hama City Council started the restoration and rehabilitation works of the Albashriat  waterwheel located on the Orontes River at the site of the four waterwheels, which has a diameter of 16 meters.

The director of the Waterwheels Department, Muhammad Sab’ al-Arab, said in a statement to SANA that the restoration and rehabilitation work includes replacing the axle, external and internal circles, and the wheel crown. This work will be implemented by a specialized workshop which  includes the design and implementation of wooden models for the damaged pieces of walnut, poplar, eucalyptus, oak and pine wood, pointing out that the waterwheel is the third largest waterwheel in the governorate and has existed for thousands of years.

After a 10-year hiatus, two sculptors Muayyad Al-Awwad and Maram Al-Homsi return to work

Sculptors Muayyad Al-Awwad and Maram Al-Homsi from Daraa Governorate returned to their sculptural work after a ten-year hiatus, presenting new works that decorated the airport park in Daraa.

Al-Awwad presented two sculptures, “Horan” and “Al-Haneen.” Al-Homsi presented a  work titled “Motherhood.” These works were implemented with the support of the United Nations Development Program “UNDP” within the project to strengthen community cohesion.

 Al-Awwad indicated in a statement to SANA reporter that he is voluntarily participating in the project to enhance community cohesion with the aim of beautifying the park and bringing life back to it as it is an outlet for the people of the neighborhood .

Muna Wassef speaks about her 60-year-experience before the students of Higher Institute of Performing Arts in Damascus

The Higher Institute of Performing Arts in Damascus held on Wednesday a dialogue with the famous Syrian stage, film and television actress Muna Wassef, who is likened to “the Oak of the Syrian Drama” in the presence of the Minister of Culture Lubana M’Shawwah and the institute’s students.

The goal of dialogue is to help students have an idea about the experiences of  creative actors and actresses and to enable them to be stars without becoming arrogant or disappointed.