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Artifacts, Stolen by Terrorists and Prepared for Smuggling, Found in Syria's Eastren Ghouta

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)- Syrian artifacts, stolen and prepared for smuggling, were found on Wednesday in Zamalka town and Douma city of Damascus Countryside.

Competent authorities told SANA that during combing operations in the farms and agricultural areas in Zamalka town in eastern Ghouta , authorities found in one of the terrorists' hideouts 10 stone archeological pieces, most of them are made of basalt.

The pieces, which date back to different ancient ages and are of great historical values, were stolen from archeological places by terrorists and they have been prepared for smuggling, authorities said.

In Douma, SANA reporter said that the authorities found several artifacts in a house under construction, noting that and these pieces were stolen from one of the Syrian archeological sites and brought to Douma in preparation to be sold and smuggled.

Authorities in Daraa Thwart Attempts to Smuggle Syrian Artifacts

DARAA, (ST)-Competent authorities on Thursday foiled an attempt to smuggle Syrian archeological pieces, dating back to different ancient eras in al-Sanamain area in the Syrian province of Daraa.

The authorities seized the pieces and arrested the perpetrators, according to SANA reporter in the province.

The reporter said that the seized artifacts, prepared for smuggling, included a Holy Bible, antique vessels, stone figures, various glass and stone pieces, an ornately embossed ring, a lion’s sculpture without a head, a church altar stone, a jar used to collect money and coins dating back to ancient eras.

Authorities seize antique picture before being smuggled on borders with Iraq

DEIR EZZOR- Authorities on Wednesday seized an archaeological picture, which was prepared for smuggling via the Syrian-Iraqi border, SANA reporter said.

The picture, dating back to the Roman era, was extracted from the archaeological site of al-Salihiya in the western countryside of Boukamal, according to SANA.

Terrorists and US, French, Turkish Forces Continue Looting Syrian Artifacts

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Illegal excavation for antiquities have been escalated in the Syrian areas controlled by the American, French and Turkish forces and their agents from the different terrorist groups having positions in the cities of Manbej, Afrin, Idleb as well as in some places surrounding Raqqa city, according to reports coming up for the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums (GDMA).

The GDMA website made it clear that the latest of these reports talk about the US and French forces' carrying out digging and looting activities in Um al-Sarj Mount area which is an archeologically-rich place.

Ancient Bosra al-Sham City Welcomes Its Visitors again Following Years of Hiatus because of Terrorism

DARAA–  The Syrian Exploration and Documentation Society volunteers embarked on a hiking tour to the ancient Bosra al-Sham city in Daraa province which restored its historic splendor and started to receive visitors after years of hiatus, according to SANA.

The tour came within the Society’s “Doroub” (routes) program which aims to spotlight Daraa’s major tourism attraction and archaeological sites passing through Sweida province, SANA said.

Entitled “Houran, Gateway to History”, up to 150 volunteers from different Syrian provinces visited the ancient Roman amphitheater and the Monastery of Bohaira, the Monk where they documented the massive destruction inflicted on these archaeological sites due to the sabotage acts committed by terrorist groups. They raised the Syrian flag on the stone stage of its theater, listed by UNESCO as world heritage site, and chanted the Syrian national anthem.