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Restoration of archaeological Arch de Triumph in Palmyra starts

Field work began in Palmyra for restoring the archaeological Arch of Triumph destroyed by the terrorist organization "ISIS". The Restoration of the Arch comes within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Culture and the Stone Industry Association of Russia.


The Director of the Association, Dimitry Mediansev, said in a statement to SANA  that the necessary blueprints and documentary photography of the landmarks of the Arch of Triumph  in Palmyra are being laid down in cooperation with Syrian archaeologists in preparation for the restoration of this important archaeological arch. The Arch will be rebuilt  from the same stone material on the site according to the highest and best technical standards in force worldwide.

He indicated that this project will contribute in the future to launching  field work to restore all monuments in Palmyra that have been destroyed by the terrorist organizations' attacks, especially as they are registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The restoration process will be based mainly on three-dimension photography of the arch and the rubble to be used in the study of the constituent elements of the arch  and the inflicted damages, which would help accelerate the completion of the project with high technology.

Director of the Syrian-Russian Association funding the reconstruction of Palmyra monuments, Sergey Tetnilov, underlined the importance of restoring the Arch of Triumph, which is considered a symbol of historical civilization in Palmyra not only for Syria, but for all of humanity because it is a global human heritage. He considered that terrorist attacks on these monuments are a barbaric act aimed at destroying human culture.

The Arch of Triumph, whose construction dates back to the second century AD, is one of the most prominent monuments in Palmyra. It is located at the entrance to Columns Street in the ancient city, which is a gate with three entrances above it, an arch decorated with geometric  designs  and drawings of  plants .

The bombing of ISIS terrorist organization of this arch, which is described as the icon of Palmyra, is considered part of a series of bombings targeting many of the ancient monuments in the city.

Inas Abdulkareem