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The National Museum in Latakia retrieves 36 gold coins

Damascus, (ST) - The National Museum in Latakia received 36 artifacts (gold coins) that dated back to prosperous civilizations in Syria .Those coins contributed to enriching human culture

Nazir Awad, Director General of Antiquities and Museums, said in a statement to SANA that, the coins that were delivered to the National Museum in Latakia are very important, and some of them may be rare and date to Roman, Byzantine and Islamic civilizations. He pointed out that they were seized in Latakia governorate, where they were supposed to have been  smuggled outside the country.

Awad appreciated  the great and important efforts made by the competent authorities in uncovering the people who work in combating the illicit trade in Syrian antiquities and preventing their access to antiquities dealers around the world. He considered that such operations may lead to uncovering those behind the trafficking process, including people and supporters.

It is worth noting that, the concerted national efforts between the institutions working on archaeological heritage and the competent authorities effectively contributed to the seizure of thousands of artifacts that were intended for smuggling and were confiscated, recovered and handed over to the Syrian museums.

Raghda Sawas