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Bronze Statue of Golan’s Princess a Vivid Witness to Syrian Civilization

Among the rare and rich antiquities, which are found at the Classical Syrian Archaeology Department in the National Museum of Damascus, the statue of Princess Banyas, which dates back to the Roman era, is unique with its features that reflect the deep-rootedness and openness   of the Syrian civilization. 

 Archaeologists called  the bust , which is a bronze piece,   “Golan’s Princess” ,  and according to the researcher Dr. Ali Al-Qayyem, it represents the greatness and splendor of Syrian beauty and one of the most beautiful archaeological Syrian bronze sculptures of all times.

The statue was found during the last excavation process carried out by the Syrian archaeological expeditions in the Golan in 1965, before the Israeli occupation.  The statue was discovered in one of the orchards of the village of Banyas in the north of the occupied Syrian Golan, inside a sarcophagus.

 The statue, which dates back to the third century AD, is still in a good condition. It is   25 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 25 cm in height and depicts the face of a beautiful lady with all its sweetness and tenderness.  She is wearing a cap on her forehead. Her neck and shoulders are decorated with a necklace and a silk shawl.  The statue is surrounded by a round frame.

Rawaa Ghanam