A Czech website publishes an extensive photo report on the tourist and archaeological sites in Syria

Prague, (ST)   - The Czech electronic site (E60) published an extensive photo report on the most important tourist attractions in Syria and the destruction that some ancient archaeological sites have destroyed at the hands of terrorist organizations.

The report, entitled ( Christmas Pilgrimage in the Period of Quiet and Peace), included 77 color pictures taken in Damascus, Hama, Al-Husan Citadel, Maaloula, Palmyra, Ugarit, Sednaya and Salah El-Din Citadel. The report's author, Helena Prchibilova, spoke about her positive impressions during her visit to Syria and about the history and beauty of Palmyra, Damascus, Maaloula, and all other wonderful above mentioned monuments, especially Palmyra which has been vandalized by terrorists.

Presheilova drew attention to the Syrians' celebrations of Christmas, explaining that they are carried out in the traditional way, taking into account the spiritual dimensions, and not submitting to the temptations of marketing and propaganda, as is the case in Europe.


Raghda Sawas