The Arab Encyclopedia Authority publishes the 6thvolume of the Encyclopedia of Antiquities in Syria

The Arab Encyclopedia Authority has published the 6th volume of the Encyclopedia of Antiquities in Syria, which includes 118 titles beginning with the letters Ha and Kha.

The volume includes plans and illustrations on the archaeological and antiquities sites.

The archaeological researcher, Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud said that the encyclopedia is a product of the work and effort of a group of specialized researchers and academics in the field of archeology in Syria.


Hammoud said that the Encyclopedia of Antiquities is an accurate documentation and definition of society and future generations will give high value to the Syrian heritage and they shall  work in order to protect and preserve it.

Hammoud said that raising awareness of the values of our country's antiquities is a great responsibility that everyone must work for.

It is noteworthy that the Arab Encyclopedia Authority was established in 1981 as a public body of  scientific and cultural nature and its headquarters is in Damascus. It undertakes the publishing of a comprehensive Arab encyclopedia and specialized encyclopedias.


O. al-Mohammad