New archaeological discoveries in the eastern part of the Temple of Zeus in the town of Qanawat in Sweida

The national archaeological mission in the Sweida Antiquities Department has completed its archaeological excavations for the current season in the eastern part of the Temple of Zeus "Majestus" in the town of Qanawat.

In a statement to SANA, the head of the Sweida Antiquities Department, Dr. Nasha'at Kiwan, said that through excavations, architectural vacuums were discovered, which are small rooms where the rubble was removed, and thus architectural items appeared there such as small doors leading to these rooms. Part of the lower temple base and the water channel that used to pass next to these rooms and feed parts of the temple and lead to a water tank located in front of it, also appeared.

 Kiwan stated that the mission consisted of the Sweida Antiquities Department cadres including specialists in archeology, architecture and restoration, with the participation of graduates and students of the Department of Archeology at the Second College of Arts in Sweida, indicating that this partnership has resulted in good results at the archaeological and professional levels.

It is worth noting that the Temple of Zeus "Majestus" is one of the most important monuments in the town of Qanawat in the countryside of Sweida. It dates back to the first century BC. It is located above the upper city, "the Acropolis" in Qanawat, as it was one of the places of worship.

Amal Farhat