Syrian Russian proposal to the UNESCO to form scientific committee to renovate cultural sites in Palmyra

Moscow (ST): Director General of the Russian Hermitage Museum Mikhail Piotrovsky said that a number archaeologists from Syria and Russia, who are studying closely means of preserving Palmyra's archaeological sites, would send a proposal to the UNESCO to form a scientific committee to renovate important cultural sites in Palmyra.

During an international open debate organized by the national Hermitage Museum in cooperation with the Russian Academy for Sciences in Petersburg, Piotrovsky said : " We would ask UNESCO to form a scientific committee to reconstruct and revive Palmyra."   


Before the liberation of Palmyra by the Syrian Arab Army on July 3rd,  the city was subjected to destructive terrorist  attacks that targeted important archaeological sites in the city in addition to the crime of executing archaeologist Khaled al-As'ad by Da'esh Takfiri terrorists.