Turkish occupation & its mercenary terrorists are partners in plundering,looting and destroying Syrian archaeological sites

Damascus (ST):  From the very  beginning of the terrorist war on Syria, Syrian archaeological sites have been subjected to plunder , theft and devastation in the areas where terrorists are stationed. No archaeological site was spared in those areas and illegal excavation works were conducted.The Turkish occupation soldiers were also involved, along with Da'esh terrorist organization in those ugly crimes which aim to distort Syria's colourful  history and rich civilization.


Da'esh terrorism against the Syrian people  are one and the same as the  organization's terrorism against civilization and  Syrian history . The ideology of the takfiri organization has been clearly manifested when its terrorists vandalized Palmyra between the years 2015 and 2017. The “Baal Shamin” temple in the ancient city was booby-trapped and destroyed, as well as Palmyra theater, which is an icon in civilization and human history. The Palmyra tower cemetery was also demolished in August 2015. The period of its construction extended from 44 to 103 AD, and large parts of the ancient Temple of Bel date back to 32 AD. The Takfiri terrorist  organization has also killed the Syrian archaeologist, Khaled Al-Asa'ad, before they destroyed, in July of the same year, the famous statue of the lion of Al-Lat and eight statues that were found in the tombs of Palmyra .

Daesh was not the only party that perpetrated crimes against Syrian antiquities. With the Turkish occupation forces’ desecration of Afrin in 2018, in cooperation with its mercenaries from the terrorist organizations, it rifled the sites of antiquities and plundered priceless archaeological finds, smuggled and sold them in international  markets. 

The general directorate of antiquities and museums has demanded the international organization to interfere to protect the Syrian cultural heritage and put an end to the Turkish occupation attacks against Syrian archeological sites in Ifrin area. 

Director General of the Museums and Antiquities Nazir Awad said " we have accurate information that the archaeological sites in Idleb and Ifrin have been subjected to systematic plundering by the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries.