The ancient Syrian city of Amrit, the cradle of the Olympic Games

Damascus (ST): The ancient city of Amrit lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea telling a story of more than five thousand years old of the Syrian civilization in which sport was a life and its archaeological stadium, the oldest historical stadiums attests to it.

The historical city of Amrit is located 7 km to the south of Tartous Governorate, and its antiquities extend over an area of 6 km2. This city was founded in the Amorite era and was mentioned by historians of the era of Alexander the Macedonian as Maratos and described as a very prosperous city and perhaps the largest city in the East.

National museum displays basalt painting that shows the beginning of the counting by the ancient Syrian human

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ A small basalt painting with a polished surface dating back to the Neolithic age is displaced at the Prehistoric Syrian Archeological Antiquities Department at Damascus National Museum.
The painting was found in Al-Jerf Al-Ahmar “Red Cliff” site on the Euphrates River in Aleppo governorate, and it dates back to 9200 to 8800 A.D.

The rehabilitation work of the Bab al-Hadid archaeological station in Aleppo starts

Aleppo, (ST)- In an attempt to restore historical glory and brilliance to the ancient Bab Al-Hadid police station, the guesthouse in old Aleppo again, the rehabilitation workshops of the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums are about to complete its restoration after the damage it suffered because of the systematic destruction of the city by terrorist organizations.

Violations of the Israeli occupation continue against the archaeological heritage sites in the occupied Syrian Golan

The frenzied attempts of the Israeli occupation entity  since its occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan in June 1967 failed to find evidence to prove the validity of its claims of any presence on this precious part of the homeland.

Since the first months of the occupation, the Israeli  authorities  have conducted archaeological surveys and excavations in the Golan in an effort to falsify historical facts  and subsequently plunder, steal and sell Syrian antiquities.

An archaeological burial site dating back to the Roman period unearthed in Lattakia Countryside

Lattakia (ST): An archaeological burial site dating back to the Roman period was found during excavations to construct a residential building in  the Mar Taqla neighborhood of the city. 

Head of the Department of Antiquities and Museums in Lattakia, Eng. Ibrahim Kheir Beik, stated that during the excavation work of the foundations of a building in the Mar Taqla neighborhood, some archaeological burial landmarks appeared, and as a result the Directorate began archaeological excavations by a specialized team from the archaeological  department in the city.