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Syria harvests 22 medals at 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1

Beirut – On the 3rd day of the event, Syrian Taekwondo team (men and woman categories) won 8 medals.

Lama Khawande snatched the gold medal, Nisreen Deraki and Delar Hajj Hussein won two silver medals, while Alaa al-Haj, Khaled Sadeqa, Yara Abdul-Ghafour and Aya al-Jaraihi got the bronze medals in addition to a bronze of the third place in the overall standings.

By this result, the Syrian Taekwondo team won 22 medals (2 gold, 7 silver and 13 bronze) at 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1.

60 teams from 26 countries participated in the championship.



Syria wins 7 medals on 2nd day of 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1

Beirut - Syrian Taekwondo team won seven medals ( one gold, two silvers and four bronzes) on the second day of 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1 in the cadet and junior categories.

Aya Mubarak won the gold medal, Shams Ahmed, Rand Ibrahim won the silver medals and abdul Latif al-Jaraihi, Noureddine Jaidani, Moatasem al-Buka’i and Sulaf Sa’ud got the bronze medals.

It is to be mentioned that our team has harvested seven medals (3 silver and 4 bronze medals) on the first day of this Championship.


Syria’s Taekwondo team gains 7 medals in the International Beirut Open Championship

Syria’s junior and youth Taekwondo team achieved three silver and four bronze medals at Day one of the International Beirut Open Championship.

Nibal al-Dwalebi, Sami Hasan and Mohammad al-Ba’li gains 3 silver medals, while Abdul al-Rahman, Hamza Salama, Jena Sedawi and Roz Ibrahim gains 4 bronze medals.


More than 100 athletes participate in Deir al-Zour Marathon Race

In cooperation with the Syrian Olympic Committee and Archdiocese of Catholic Syriac, UNDP Project (We build Deir al-Zour) held a Marathon race in Deir al-Zour.

More than 100 athletes participated in the race.

Mohammad Omar AlHuseen, Ahmad Ziad AlMaktoum and Ahmad Abbod (Male), Abdulla Ziad Maktoum, Rami Yousef AlKhalaf and Ziad AlKhouder (Children), Elaf Ziad AlMaktoum, Lama Bazaei and Sara Hmeidi (Female) topped the race.

Mar Asia AlHakeem Center manager Dr. Zobeer Hayza said that the race will encourage all sport facilities in Deir Al-Zour.

The race started from Al-Deleh square to Al-Intesar Square and finished at al-Nubala’ park.


Syrian junior football team beats Lebanese counterpart

Beirut - In preparations for the Asian Qualifiers which will kick off on September 18, Syria’s junior football team beat Lebanon (3-1) in a friendly match that was held in Beirut.

Ali al-Rinah (15th min), Omar Jebara (60th min) and Anis Qasem (83rd min) scored for our team.