Nao ranks second in International Italian Championship for Tennis


Rome - Tennis player Mohammad Hazem Nao, member of the Syrian national U-18 tennis team, and his Bulgarian colleague Leonid Chingizichtel ranked second for the doubles competitions within the International Italian Tennis Championship currently held, SANA reported.

The two players ranked second after they were defeated in the final game by two Chinese players.

In the single games, Nao left from the second tournament after he was defeated by the Italian player Julio Zibiri.

A Syrian swimmer gains a bronze medal


Baku - Swimmer Azad al-Barazi won a bronze medal within the tournament of fourth Islamic Solidarity Games, kicked off in the capital of Azerbaijan two days ago.

Kalzia qualified for the finals of the 100-meter butterfly competition ranking fifth.

Gymnastic player Dina al-Sheikh Ali qualified among the first eight players within the competition of the ball of the rhythmic gymnastics, gaining 10.50 marks.

Syrian Team for Private Sports win Two gold medals

Beijing – Syrian team for private sports won two gold and three silver medals within the 2017 Chinese Grand Prix.

Players Wasim Rezq and Alaa Abdul-Salam won a gold medal each for throwing the iron ball while Bassam Sawsaq  and Wasim Rezq gained a silver medal each for throwing the disc.

Sawsaq also harvested a silver medal for throwing the iron ball.


Syrian Athletes wins gold and bronze medals

Beirut, (ST) - The Syrian national kickboxing team won 7 gold and 5 bronze medals at the Mediterranean Kickboxing Championship which is currently being held in Lebanon.

Mohammad Najem won two gold medals while athletes al-Laith Ghanem, Ahmed al-Jabbouleh, Mohammad Hamada, Sayel Dyiab and Mohammad Shamma won five gold medals.

Ghazal wins the high jump gold medal

Beijing - Syrian athlete Majd Eddin Ghazal won on Thursday a gold medal in the high jump event at the 2nd leg of Asian Grand Prix which is held in China, SANA reported.

Ghazal achieved the first place after he jump 230 cm, ensuring his qualifying for the World Championships scheduled in London next August.