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Ma’ala wins silver medal at Masters in South Korea

Seoul - Syrian swimmer Firas Ma’ala won the silver medal (3km, 37:04:3 min) at the international championship of Masters which was held in South Korea.


Syria ties with Iraq in WAC

Syrian National Soccer team ties with Iraq (0-0) in the third round of the first group of the West Asian Championship currently held in Iraq.

Iraqi team topped the group with 7 points while Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon got 4 points and our team  2 points.

Our team will play the last game with Palestine next Sunday at 7:30 pm.


Syrian Arab army team qualifies to the next round of the tank’s race

Moscow - The Syrian team achieved good results and qualified for the next round of the tank’s race at the International military games being held in the Russian capital of Moscow.

Our team broke the record of the previous rounds.


Army Club renews the contracts of al-Waked and al-Hamwi

Under the patronage of Cham wings company, the management of Army Club renews the contracts with basketball player Abdul al-Wahab al-Hamwi and the instructor Khaled Abu Touk, and also renews the contracts with football leagues’ top scorer player Mohammad al-Waked, Kusai Habeeb, Thaer Kroma, Manhal Tayara, Abd al-Lateef al-Na’san, Ali Khalil, Mohammad Kroma, Moe’men Naji, Taha al-Ali, Yazan Orabi, Yousef al-Hamwi, Wesam Salloum, Mohammad Kana’an, Rami al-Turk, Mohammad Nour Asel, Mazen Omara, Hasan Bouzan, Instructor Tareq Jabban, co-instructor Feras Khalil, and Instructor Samer Rehani.



Syria’s youth soccer team ties with Arab Club

 The result of the friendly soccer game today between the Syrian youth soccer team and the Arab club in Suweida was a draw (1-1).

The match is part of our team's preparations for the Asian Cup next November.

Ruwad Naser scored at the 27th min, while Ahmad Omara scored for our team at the 45 min.

Abdulla al-Muhawish, Ahmad Dali, Mustafa Sefrani, Mohammad Mashhadani, Haythem al-Luz, Mohammad Ahmad Kark, Muhammad al-Abbo, Hatem Nabulsi, Yasin Abu Kersh, Subhi Jada’an, Fawaz Bawadekji, Tarek Othman, Ahmad Omara, Muhammad Mulhem, Yezen Rajab, Mohammad Rehaneyh and Mohammad Maa’touk played for our national team.

It is to be mentioned that our national youth football team beat the Arab club last June 2-0.