Syria harvests two bronze at Fajr Int’l Taekwando competitions in Tehran

Tehran – Syria’s Taekwando team won two bronze medals at Fajr International Takwando competition currently held in Tehran.

Female Taekwando players Lama Khwandeh and Salma al-Nuqqari obtained the two medals in the women’s 73 kg and 63 kg categories respectively.

In a statement to SANA, Chairman of  the Syrian Taekwando Federation, Sharif Daeraki, underlined the excellent performance of the two players.

Qasioun Club wins two gold and one bronze in Republic Karate Championship

Damascus – Qasioun Karate Club’s female players Lotus Nasser and Zeina Tatin won two gold medals at the Republic Karate Championship while the bronze medal went to player Anas Ramadan, SANA reported.

Head of the Club, Fayez al-Basha hailed the good results achieved by the players being the culmination of hard work and significant efforts exerted by the technical and training staff.

Player of al-Jaish football team martyred, seven injured in rocket shell attack on Damascus

Damascus - The player of al-Jaish football team for the cadet category Samir Mohamed Masoud was martyred and seven other players were injured during training as a result of a terrorist attack with a rocket shell on al-Faihaa Sport City in Damascus.

A source at Damascus Police Command said Saturday that a child was martyred and seven others got injured when terrorists fired a rocket shell on Mazra’a neighborhood in Damascus.

Syrian equestrian qualifies for Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Damascus – Horse rider, Moumen Zendaqi, was qualified on Monday for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), which will be held in the upcoming October in Argentina after the results he achieved in the qualification tournament of Show Jumping, SANA reported.

The tournament has been held for months at Basil al-Assad Equestrian Club in al-Dimas of Damascus Countryside and included more than one round judged in accordance with international criteria.

Syria harvests 6 various medals at Fujairah International Taekwondo Championship

Abu Dhabi - Syria’s taekwondo team has harvested six various medals at Fujairah International Taekwondo Championship which will conclude activities on Monday.

Athletes Mohammad al-Fadli won a gold medal and Jana Saidawi won a silver medal at  the youths division while players Ahmed Sayyad and Aya Mubarak won two silver medals and player Aouj al-Zahabi won a silver medal at the cadets division and Shaza al-Yasin won a bronze medal at the juniors division.

Chairman of the Taekwondo Union said in a statement to SANA that “players of the national team had made a significant achievement in different age divisions in their first foreign participation for the current year despite the fact that 847players from 37 states are participating in the championship.”