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Syria gets one sliver and two bronzes in MBG

Athens - Syrian wrestler Omar Sarem (over 90kg) won the silver medal after he beat his French counterpart 3-1 in the semi-finals of the Mediterranean Beach Games (MBG) which is being currently held in the Greek city of Patras.

Also player Mohammed Fidaa al-Deen al-Osta (80kg) won the bronze medal in the free wrestling and Mohammed Masso won the bronze medal in MBG Aquathlon, while Mohammed al-Sabbagh ranked fourth.


Syria’s women basketball team ranks second in WAC

Amman - Syria’s women basketball team ranked second in West Asia Championship which was held in Amman after it lost a match with its Lebanese counterpart 48-74.

It is to be mentioned that the Syrian team beat the Iranian team 68-61  and the Jordanian team 56-45 while it lost to its Lebanese counterpart 60-74.


Syria’s women basketball team beats its Iranian counterpart in WAC

Syria’s women basketball team beats its Iranian counterpart 68/61 in the third round of West Asian Championship that was held in Amman.

It is to be mentioned that our team won their opening match with Jordan and lost their second match with Lebanon.


Al-Wahda leads group B at Tishreen football contest

Lattakia - Al-Wahda football team beats their Tishreen counterpart 2-1 within Group B of  the Tishreen 19th contest, which was held in Lattakia.

Mohammad Hallak and Abdul-Hadi Shalha scored for al-Wahda in (the 24th and 34th min) while Basel Mustafa scored for Tishreen  at the 26th min of the game.

With this result, al-Wahda topped Group B with 6 points, followed by Tishreen and Karamah with with 3 points each.


Al-Shiekh Hasan resigns

 The Syrian National football team manager Redwan al-Shiekh Hasan has resigned due to personal reasons.

This resignation comes after the participation of our team in the second friendship tournament in Iraq, the friendship matches with (UAE, Iran, Uzbekistan) and in the Indian tournament.