Theclash will be the first big Premier League match to be shown in live 3D on Sky Sports, with several other Premier League football games set to follow in the weeks ahead. Another 5 Barclay’s Premier League football matches and the Coca-Cola Championship Play-Off Finals will also be shown in 3D in bars and pubs across London.

4th June Update: While we don’t have any information at the moment if any of the World Cup matches broadcast live by Sky, ITV, or BBC will be in 3D, they might very well be. it is worth checking with the 3D football pubs listed below to see if they will be showing the World Cup football games on 3D TVs this June. Otherwise, check out our excellent guide on the top pubs & bars in London showing the World Cup – and which nation’s supporters will be going where in London to watch the Bafana Bafana, Azzuri, etc play!

Since Sky launched trials of its new 3D TV service, over 3,000 pubs and bars across the country have applied to be one of the first to get 3D live broadcasts. However, ordinary consumers won’t be getting 3D Sky Sports to their television sets anytime soon, with home 3D channels set to launch later this year, and only initially to Sky HD subscribers and those with a HD box.

BSkyB, the owner of Sky pay-TV, have been trialling the technology for months now, with their last public trial being the Manchester United vs Arsenal crunch game back in January. Back then, only a handful of pubs showed the game. Punters who wish to watch the 3D live broadcasts will have to wear funny looking 3D glasses, which have been reported to be slightly uncomfortable especially if worn for the entire 2 hours of the match broadcast.


The Manchester United vs Chelsea Premier League clash will be streamed live and shown in selected pubs in London on Easter Saturday, 3rd April 2010, with kickoff at 12:45pm. To get the game in live 3D, pubs have had to install special equipment, and over a thousand pubs and clubs have completed the upgrade in preparation of the first Sky 3D football game this Saturday.


While you won’t be able to watch Sky 3D on your home television (or through Sky Player on your laptop screen) anytime soon, you should pop down to your local pub on Easter Saturday, even if you’re not into football, just to see how Sky TV in 3D will look like. Getting 3D broadcasts means having to upgrade your current television to a 3D TV from like Sony, Samsung, LG, or Panasonic, and currently 3D television sets are quite pricey.