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Syria harvests 22 medals at 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1

Beirut – On the 3rd day of the event, Syrian Taekwondo team (men and woman categories) won 8 medals.

Lama Khawande snatched the gold medal, Nisreen Deraki and Delar Hajj Hussein won two silver medals, while Alaa al-Haj, Khaled Sadeqa, Yara Abdul-Ghafour and Aya al-Jaraihi got the bronze medals in addition to a bronze of the third place in the overall standings.

By this result, the Syrian Taekwondo team won 22 medals (2 gold, 7 silver and 13 bronze) at 2019 Beirut Open – World Taekwondo – G1.

60 teams from 26 countries participated in the championship.