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More than 100 athletes participate in Deir al-Zour Marathon Race

In cooperation with the Syrian Olympic Committee and Archdiocese of Catholic Syriac, UNDP Project (We build Deir al-Zour) held a Marathon race in Deir al-Zour.

More than 100 athletes participated in the race.

Mohammad Omar AlHuseen, Ahmad Ziad AlMaktoum and Ahmad Abbod (Male), Abdulla Ziad Maktoum, Rami Yousef AlKhalaf and Ziad AlKhouder (Children), Elaf Ziad AlMaktoum, Lama Bazaei and Sara Hmeidi (Female) topped the race.

Mar Asia AlHakeem Center manager Dr. Zobeer Hayza said that the race will encourage all sport facilities in Deir Al-Zour.

The race started from Al-Deleh square to Al-Intesar Square and finished at al-Nubala’ park.