The Ongoing is but a Foreign War against Syrians


DAMASCUS, (ST) H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad asserted that the ongoing is but a foreign war against Syrians.

In a landmark speech at the central Bar Associations, H.E. pointed out that the presence of some lackey Syrians in the forefront of this war never means that it is a domestic war among the Syrians.

''Had it been a domestic struggle among the Syrians themselves, Syria would have been dismembered during the first 3 months and so has been the state during the first months and perhaps during the first year,'' said President Al-Assad.

''Our stand and steadfastness as Syrians and the steadfastness of the Syrian Army in front of the standing challenges have made the Syrians withstand the ongoing unprecedented war ,'' added  H.E. President Assad, citing the important assistance and stances  by the friends of Syria, Iranians, Russians and others, who have stood with the Syrians, but surely  not on their behalf.

For the restoration of our right, we have to pay a very dear price. The first to defend this very right of the Syrians is the hero Syrian Arab Army, asserted H.E. President Assad.

The Impregnable Fortress

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- 'Guardian of the Homeland, today you are pursuing the process of sacrifice and giving, which you have started for more than four years as the impregnable fortress protecting the borders of Syria and preserving its pride and dignity,' said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a word to the Syrian Arab Army on its 70th Foundation Day Anniversary, the General Commander of the Army and Armed Forces, Lieutenant General, Bashar Al-Assad added that the 'challenges imposed by the terrorist aggression against Syria were immense; the Syria Army, however, has been and is still up to the challenge: ever present powerfully in every encounter with the enemy, providing the best example for heroism, sacrifices and consequent lessons in bravery, belonging and loyalty to the Homeland,'

'We have had in scores of your battles in many places living examples of your great steadfastness and your honourable work and resistant unbreakable and invincible will, which everyday gets more solid and powerful as to increase your presence, activity and to continue encountering the machine of terrorism and killing and foil the sinister schemes of aggression,' underscored President Al-Assad in a written word to the Syrian Soldier Magazine 'al-Joundi Al-Arabi'.

Terrorism recognizes no borders underscored President Al-Assad

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Terrorism recognizes no borders , and the spread of terrorism cannot be eliminated by a war nor by warplanes. Outlined H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Terrorism is a sick thinking, deformed belief as well as an odd practice and should be eliminated from its roots, added H.E. President Al-Assad, blasting the Western approach in handling terrorism once it strikes at the West and as 'revolution', 'freedom' and 'human rights' once terrorism "strikes at us".

"The West tackling of terrorism is hypocrite with double standards," added President Al-Assad in a landmark speech, aired live on Syrian Satellite TV.

President Al-Assad: No Bargaining on Our Causes and No Surrendering to Our Rights


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Our battle against terrorism is the battle for existence, and destiny where there is no room whatsoever for leniency, said H.E. President Al-Assad.

Today we are more determined than ever to steadfast in the face of the colonial terrorist schemes of division and hatred targeting Syria and the entire region in the interest of the greed of the Zionist enemy, outlined H.E. President Al-Assad in a word to the heroic Syrian Arab Army on the 69th anniversary of its foundation,

President Al-Assad reiterated that we in Syria reject bargaining on our causes and reject surrendering our rights whatever the difficulties and conspiracies might be.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad asserted that the Syrian Army has ever been  an academy for manhood, values, pride, and dignity as the nations impregnable and guardian and defender of the nation against aggressors or invaders.

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad Takes the Constitutional Oath


DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad Takes the Constitutional Oath for a New 7-year Presidential Term.

President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad was declared as the winner in Syria's June multi-candidate elections.

President Bashar Al-Assad won a third 7-year presidential term with the absolute majority: 10 million, 319 thousand and 723 voters voted President Al-Assad with an 88,7 percentage.