The Impregnable Fortresses

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian Arab Army is the fortified shield of the homeland in the face of successive storms of evil and aggression as to destroy every episode of the Zionist-American project targeting all and with no exception, said President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a written published message on the 73rd Anniversary of Syrian Arab Army foundation Anniversary, Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad, the General Commander of the Army and Armed Forces.

President Assad addressed the Syrian Army as the men of dignity, sovereignty and pride moving from an accomplishment to another and from a victory to another in the face of the organized terrorism and its reginal and international backers.

President Al-Assad: Hitting National Belongingness Weakens Defense Line against Cultural Invasion Attempts

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that "hitting national belongingness weakens our first defense line, as a society,  against cultural and intellectual invasion attempts that seek turning us into helpless machines that act according to foreign-prepared plans."

President Al-Assad made the remarks during his meeting  on Tuesday with participants in the Arab Forum on Confronting the US-Zionist reactionary Alliance and Supporting the Palestinian People's Resistance currently held in Damascus with the participation of Arab national forces and figures.

More Healthy and Harmonious Society

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- The ongoing war launched against Syria aims at changing international balances and is a golden opportunity for the West as to subjugate the states which are not subject to Western hegemony, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad pointed out.

In a televised speech at the Damascus-based  Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry Conference  on Sunday,  President Assad added that the conference is an opportunity for direct dialogue as to formulate  united visions and stances.

H.E President Al-Assad added that the geo-political position of Syria is pivotal as to control the decision in the Middle East, and thus the war came as to modify international balances.

President Assad pointed out that the world has the deep state in the United States which doesn't share the US president, and so has the Western world, and those who are affiliated to.

''there is a second power in the world, whose aim is to preserve balance and international law," added President Assad, asserting that Arabs' weight on the international arena is zero and is missing.

"We adhered to the choice of resistance as long as peace has not been realized"

 The Syria Times e-newspaper is indeed honored to republish H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's landmark address to the Syrian journalists  at Journalists Union 4th Conference :Al-Umawyeen Conference Palace, Damascus: August 15, 2006 .

When Al-Assad speaks there is no need to paraphrase; hence H.E. is the master of transparency, objectivity, directness, briefness, and accuracy. He who follows President Al-Assad's words would definitely be expert in the mastery of truth, reality, science, humanity, morality and even in religion and literature. He is the only political leader whose words are deeds and prophetic:

 Ladies and gentlemen members of the fourth general conference of the Journalists Union, Ladies and gentlemen,  

It gives me pleasure to meet you at the opening of the proceedings of your 4th conference and to express my appreciation to you and through you to the honest and honorable journalists who have been fighting a media battle no less ferocious and dangerous than the battles fought by your brothers on the fields of honour and dignity. Your battle aims at preserving the intellect and the spirit of the nation and protecting its identity and heritage against the systematic invasion which violates its dignity, tears apart it unity, distorts its cause, and strikes at its will to resist by promoting a culture of defeatism, submission and blind adherence to agendas set by the enemy and those who support it and promote its projects.  

I am glad to meet you in this new Middle East, new in the sense that we understand and the shape we want, although it is not complete yet. It is new with the achievements of the Resistance; new in that it drew clear lines between the different forces; new in uncovering the games and conspiracies and lifting their masks and fake terminology in an unprecedented manner. This is the new Middle East which Syria has been promoting again and again as the only hope for Arabs if they are to have a place under the sun in the political and material sense. You all know that it was not easy for us to convince many people of our vision of the future. We had to wait for the future to become the present and to speak for itself. Today facts speak for themselves, not only as we imagined them in the past but in a clearer and more expressive manner.

We meet today when the Middle East they aspire to and which is based on submission, humiliation and on depriving peoples of their identities and their rights, has become an illusion. It has actually turned into a popular uprising throughout the Arab world, an uprising which is ban-Arab by nature, characterized by dignity and the rejection of all pretexts and excuses for keeping us submissive so that we are killed in silence in the same way that sacrifices used to be offered in the past to avoid the wrath of the gods. But offering sacrifices in the past was considered a form of wisdom. So, are we supposed to adhere to that wisdom today? And does wisdom have a meaning if it was separated from courage? If we are supposed to follow the lead of the invasion of Iraq, the invasion which reminds us of humanity’s past, I believe that this kind of wisdom is still a valid testimony to the fact that some of our Arab sages still adhere to that wisdom today. For wisdom to exist, it has to be coupled with courage in order to give the people the stability necessary to make people wise. But when fear exists, there is no place for fake wisdom which leads those who possess it to defeat and humiliation under the mask of wisdom. In our present Arab world, we might achieve victory under another false assumption which is adventure or recklessness. If wisdom has come to mean defeat and humiliation in the lexicon of some Arabs, it is natural to find in their lexicon that victory is equal to adventure and recklessness In order not get ourselves absorbed in theoretical discourse, let us ask ourselves about what we have achieved by being unwisely, irrationally and recklessly led by some of our supposed Arab sages for many past decades. We have achieved a great deal, but against our interests. Le us take the peace process as an example; and let us ask whether it has succeeded or failed. We have been talking repeatedly recently about the failure of the peace process. And all this talk about the failure and death of the peace process is absolutely true; but it is more accurate to say that the Arabs are the ones who failed in the peace process when they did not understand the meaning of making peace a strategic choice. They did not distinguish between making peace a strategic choice and making it the only choice. When there is a certain strategic choice, it does not mean that there are not other strategic choices, or there are not other tactical, if not necessarily strategic, choices. Throughout the peace process, we the Arabs, have adopted the only choice for peace and abandoned all the other choices. We then replaced the spirit of the only choice with the choice of cheap or free peace. Under this choice we offer everything to Israel and get very little in return. In real fact, and in practice, we have offered a great deal, and some of us offered everything, and got nothing in return. That is why we see the Palestinians paying the price now, and that is why Syria refused, through its vision, to abandon any of its rights. When we say that we have made peace our strategic choice, it does not mean that we have cancelled the other choices. On the contrary, the more illusive the realization of peace becomes, the more important and necessary other ways and methods become in order to regain our rights. On the other hand, we in Syria have stressed this choice, the peace choice, from the very beginning of the peace process, but we adhered to the choice of resistance as long as peace has not been realized, particularly that the assumed partner in peace does not believe in this theory in the first place and has given us one evidence after another in confirmation of this fact. If we leave aside the many massacres perpetrated by Israel against the Arabs and other evidence, there is a clear evidence stated clearly by former Israel prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir at the beginning of the peace process when he said in 1991 that they will make the process last for ten years, which means that peace will not be achieved. That is what happened. Today, and fifteen years later, peace has not been achieved. Before the peace process, Israel used to say that Israel wanted peace while Arabs wanted war. It was a surprise for them that Arabs accepted to get involved in the peace process. That is why they reacted by making this public statement. But the received Arab wisdom used to be that we have to close our eyes in order to corner Israel before the international community, which has been reduced into a few states which support Israel, ignoring and neglecting the rest of the world which mostly supports our causes. The result was that we have become embarrassed in front of our Arab people. We lost our respect and credibility in front of our friends and enemies alike. This was the Arab responsibility for the failure of the peace process. But what about the responsibility of others, with the exception, of course, of Israel and the United States.

President Al-Assad to Army Heroes: Your Are Drawing Features of Imminent Victory

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad, the Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Force has stressed that Syria is facing a terrorist takfiri enemy, which is matchless in treachery and hatred  and which is backed by regional and international parties that have been for years aiming to dominate the entire region.  

In a statement marking the Syrian Arab Army's 72nd Foundation Anniversary, President Al-Assad said that "thanks to the army's heroic deeds, the blood of our martyrs and the cohesion of our people we managed to keep steadfast and achieve many gains."