President Al-Assad: Terrorism should be struck as to get the political process forward

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad underscored the pivotal role of frank and transparent dialogue among all the spectra of Syrian society as to sort out the ongoing crisis.

President Al-Assad declared, in a Ramadan  Iftar speech, that the Syrians themselves and by their own hands can only solve the ongoing crisis, renewing the pledge to defend the homeland and encounter the challenges, whatever big might, with the more of strength and determination.


President Al-Assad pointed out that the homeland can never abandon its sons in moments of ordeals, but stands by them morally and financially.

''We will pursue tolerance with those misled, not those whose perpetrated bloodsheds, in parallel with striking at terrorists,'' said President Al-Assad, citing the continuously increasing numbers who turn themselves over to the State, the incubator for all Syrians.

H.E. President Al-Assad lashed out at those who during the ongoing crisis in Syria opted for the gray zone, the incubator of terrorism and chaos, citing those who opted for the white zone with their homeland, and for the black one against their homeland.

''If we all in the white zone stood together against the black, we would easily be able to emerge out from this crisis,'' said H.E. President Al-Assad.

The President reviewed all of the possible means resorted to by Syria as to end the crisis, including the amendments and changes of laws, of the constitution in a popular referendum, dealing with all foreign initiatives, with respect to Syria's sovereignty, like the Arab initiative, Kofi Annan, Geneva 1, and apart from the well-known intentions of Arab Countries, which failed the said initiatives through the Arab League.

H.E. President Al-Assad reiterated Syria's readiness to attend the proposed Geneva 2 meeting, pointing out that those who claim to be opposition abroad don't even represent themselves but the countries which prefabricated them.

''We have been flexible not out of naivety, but because we do believe in political work, The Syrian flexibility has helped the friends of Syria to be capable of defending Syria in all forums,'' added H.E. President Al-Assad.

President Al-Assad pointed out that the anti-Syria sides don't want any political solution to the crisis in Syria and get hysterical and frustrated once Syria responds to any initiative. 'Thus, these countries were exposed and it was proven that whoever said that Syria adopted the security solution, did adopt terrorism.''

''Terrorism once spread can never be dealt with through politics, and the only solution for it is to be hit with a hand of iron. Terrorism should be struck as to get the political process forward,'' underlined H.E. President Al-Assad.

H.E. President Al-Assad added that the solution for the crisis should stem from the realities, citing internationally the presence of some firm countries based on their principles, astray colonialist anti-Syria countries based on the wrong, and the presence of regional countries of the Wahabi thought and Moslem Brotherhood approach.

As for the domestic side, President Al-Assad underscored that the Syrians are encountering gangs which cut breads and necks, mercenaries who are paid for, thugs, thieves and extremists.

President Al-Assad cited the presence of national opposition in Syria, and of non-national opposition which seeks to achieve gains where some were paid for by countries or by officials in the Arab League, and where some among them flatter the armed terrorists, asserting that such an opposition is fallen at the moral as well as popular level.

H.E. President Al-Assad pointed out that the ongoing in Syria is but for Syria to be or not to be, for Syria either to be free and independent or to be a mount for the enemies, for Syria either to be a State governed by law and institutions, or by thugs and bandits.

''The confrontation is between the homeland and the enemies, the Army and the terrorists, between the State and the outlawed. We have on other alternative but to defend ourselves and country with our own hands,'' added H.E. President Al-Assad, highly lauding the great, remarkable and near to the impossible accomplishments of the Syrian hero Army against the terrorists.

''The Syrian Army heroic acts and sacrifices embody but the heroism of the Syrian People in the face of the attack from many big countries, agents and terrorists,''  added H.E. President Al-Assad, citing the increasingly mass popular support to the Syrian hero Army in combating the terrorism.

The settlement of the crisis is only in the field through combating the terrorists, President Al-Assad pointed out, blasting the bids by anti-Syria sides to prolong the crisis, asserting that well-being would never come from the countries which deny their citizens the minimum level of humanity rights, the countries which have no elections, nor parliaments or participation in resources and homeland.

''The well-being would never come from those of darkness thought, established by the Wahabis through slaughter and Moslem brotherhood thought, from those new ignorant who exploited Islam in the interest of Israel,'' President Al-Assad concluded.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim