President Al-Assad: pressures and conspiracies increase determination and insistence upon encountering challenges

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Lieutenant General President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces, highly lauded the Syrian Armed Forces as the guardians of Syria's dignity, and pride, shielding the Syrian borders with their bodies and keeping ever vigil on Syria's security, safety and stability.

On the 68th Anniversary of the Syrian Army Foundation Day, President Al-Assad addressed the Army members saying: " With your heroism, you write down the letters of victory, embody the conscience of the people, protect the people's values and aspirations, and with your sacrifices, you safeguard the homeland unity, safeguard its sacred soil, and sacrifice every precious and expensive as to keep the homeland flag flapping and high."

 "You have been showing unique courage in the face of terrorism and its backers, and you have stunned the entire world by your steadfastness and ability to overcome difficulties and achieve accomplishments, expressing a unique manhood in the encountering of most severe barbaric war in modern history," added H.E. President Al-Assad, highly appreciating the distinguished role of the Syrian hero Army in preserving, for nearly 7 decades, the civilized identity of the Arab Nation and Syria, the motherland of the Alphabet and the cradle of human civilization.

"Oh! courageous brave men of the homeland, you have been and would ever indeed  remain the Army of the People through what you have offered of sacrifices; so the People have put trust in you and stood shoulder to shoulder with you in the trench of the defense of the homeland. Thus, such a  creative interaction and national cohesion exists in the resistance Syria between our hero Army and dignified people as the essence of our success and title of our heroic steadfastness.'' Added H.E. President Al-Assad, the Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces

"You have proved to the entire world that pressures and conspiracies, even varied and intensified, would but increase your determination and insistence upon encountering the challenges, reiterating that Syria has basics which can never be breached into; these basics lie in the interests of the Syrian Arab people, and its national and pan-Arab objectives. History would register in letters of illumination your sacrifices, and heroism in defense of the homeland," added Lieutenant General, Al-Assad, the Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces.

"Had we in Syria not been confident of the victory, we wouldn't possess the ability to steadfast, nor would we have the capability to withstand after more than 2 years of the aggression. My trust in you is big and my belief is strong that you have the capability to shoulder the responsibility and carry out your national tasks as to be ever, as our Syrian people have known you, the hero soldiers, who add the brightest pages to the history of our hero Army, representing the leading example for pride, vigor and belonging to the homeland." Said H.E. President Al-Assad.

Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad, the Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces, concluded his message to the Syrian hero Army and Armed Forces highly lauding and appreciating the Syrian martyrs, martyrs families, and the Syrians at large, who embody through their cohesiveness and integration with the Army a unique example for national unity, amity and fraternity.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim