The Impregnable Fortresses

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian Arab Army is the fortified shield of the homeland in the face of successive storms of evil and aggression as to destroy every episode of the Zionist-American project targeting all and with no exception, said President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a written published message on the 73rd Anniversary of Syrian Arab Army foundation Anniversary, Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad, the General Commander of the Army and Armed Forces.

President Assad addressed the Syrian Army as the men of dignity, sovereignty and pride moving from an accomplishment to another and from a victory to another in the face of the organized terrorism and its reginal and international backers.

"You have further proved to be the defenders of the homeland and its armor shield in the face of the storms of evil and aggression, pursuing the terrorists being crushed under your foot running away before your determination, willingness and insistence to cleanse every span of our beloved land from their atrocity and trespasses," added President Assad.

"You have proved to the whole world for seven years and more that you are an integrated full-fledged academy in nationalism, bravery, sacrifices as the impregnable fortresses upon which gates terrorism is smashed; you will remain the makers of heroic deeds and miracles," underscored President Assad.

"Thanks for your sacrifices and heroism, we enjoy today security and stability in most of the regions from Homs to Palmyra, Aleppo, Qalamoun, Deir Azzour, Eastern and Western Ghouta, Deir Azzour desserts and to other cities, countryside and places where the terrorists entrenched for a while supported by arms, equipment, money and hired information machines before being defeated and forced to be purged in humiliation," outlined President Assad.

" The victory is written on you and from your forefronts the sun of pride and dignity rises and to the tune of your heroism and achievements the clock of the world has been readjusted where history rewrote its pages to be perfumed with the fragrance of your sacred blood," added President Assad.

"you have been steadfast and faithful to your pledges, people and homeland; custodian for history and future, defenders of honor and land and makers of victory and life," underlined President Assad.

" May the souls of our blessed martyrs rest in peace and the wounds of our heroes heal as soon as possible; pride and honor for the patient family members of our martyrs and we are on a date with soon to be achieved victory ." Concluded President Assad.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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