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 DAMASCUS, (ST)- The ongoing war launched against Syria aims at changing international balances and is a golden opportunity for the West as to subjugate the states which are not subject to Western hegemony, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad pointed out.

In a televised speech at the Damascus-based  Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry Conference  on Sunday,  President Assad added that the conference is an opportunity for direct dialogue as to formulate  united visions and stances.

H.E President Al-Assad added that the geo-political position of Syria is pivotal as to control the decision in the Middle East, and thus the war came as to modify international balances.

President Assad pointed out that the world has the deep state in the United States which doesn't share the US president, and so has the Western world, and those who are affiliated to.

''there is a second power in the world, whose aim is to preserve balance and international law," added President Assad, asserting that Arabs' weight on the international arena is zero and is missing.

 '' in Syria, we have paid a heavy price as to foil the Western scheme aiming to bring Moslem Brothers to the helm of power under the pretext of religion in the interest of Western interests," underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

"They failed, but the battle is ongoing," added the president citing the looming of victory.

H.E. President Assad asserted that the objective is to subjugate Syria and once Syria is submitted, it would be broken down, reiterating that the price for resistance is far more less than the price of surrender.

"We lost the best of our youth, infrastructure, but did win a more healthy and harmonious society, given the prevailing common national unity," added President Assad.

''The Syrian society is not a sectarian one and we have learned lessons from this war,'' said H.E. President Assad.

President Assad pointed out that  the changes in the West took place because of our steadfastness and the price we paid, because of the State steadfastness, of the Armed Forces and because of the support of our friends.

''The realities on the ground and the results of their fool backing to terrorism imposed on the West a partial change,'' outlined President Assad, blasting the Western policy in changing its colors as a snake does.

H.E. the president cited the West silence over the crimes perpetrated by the terrorists and the West uproar once the Army achieves gains against terrorists and as to aid the terrorists and dispatch the more of them.

"We encountered terrorism since the first day and would pursue to fight terrorism," underlined President Assad , reiterating that any work should be basically based  on the fight against terrorism .

President Assad added that Syria dealt with flexibility with all initiatives for political solution though some of the initiatives were of bad intentions, asserting that the results of the initiatives were simple or non-present.

"Once we dialogue with a terrorist or a lackey , the dialogue is with their masters and is with slaves," added President Assad, asserting that all of what they presented was against the interests of Syria and the Syrians and they were weightless as a dust-paper for a one-use only.

President Assad noted that the dialogue was in reality with their masters who look at them as meaningless slaves, asserting that the true Syrians are but the masters taking no orders from none.

President Assad added that the ongoing in Syria is but the revolution of the Army against terrorists and the revolution of the Syrian People against treason and lackeys, hence the real revolutions are the national and moral elite.

"We seize every opportunity as to save the innocents' blood, accordingly we participated in Astana talks," added President Assad, asserting 'our big trust in Iran and Russia' the guarantors of Astana.

President Assad added that the Turkish role as guarantor for the terrorists and trust in it is missing, asserting that the Erdogan's role is to protect the terrorists through Astana and as to legalize its occupation of some parts of Syria.

"Any Turkish presence over the Syrian territory is occupier," underscored President Assad, asserting that Erdogan still has  his role in supporting terrorism as part of his destructive role in Syria.

President Assad welcomed the de-escalation zones in Syria as to stop bloodletting, able people to return, for national reconciliations and as for the State authority to govern and for the armed to surrender their arms, reiterating that such zones would never be for dismemberment.

"We would pursue our fight against terrorism,''  blasting the US and so-called alliance role in allowing the terrorists to expand.

President Assad cited the formation of dialogue committees for national reconciliations, the departure of terrorists and the return of the State Authority as part of the de-escalation mechanisms.

The Armed forces achieve accomplishments and crush terrorists around the clock, President Assad pointed out, appreciating the heroism and sacrifices of the Army, its allies and friends in fighting terrorism as an ideal example in the history of wars.

''The achievements are the basic for national reconciliation and the motive for the return to the homeland,'' said H.E. President Assad, citing too the role of Syrian People, in all of walks of their life, steadfastness.

"We are proud of our brothers and friends' role, of Hizbollah'' whose fighters, martyrs and wounded are like our own fighters, added President Assad, citing the support provided by Iran, political, financial, weapons advisory, and Russia role in several use, along with China, of the veto power in the UN Security Council in defense of Syria and the international law .

President Assad highlighted the support of Russia, which offered martyrs, in backing the Army with all what it needs, in sending its air-force as to participate in the fight against terrorism.

 H.E. President Assad reiterated the need as to:

  • Increase foreign communications as to enlighten the international Western public opinion, misled by lies and fabrications, about the reality of the facts on the ground.
  • Marketing for the standing economic opportunities for the Syrian economy, slowly under recovery.
  • To focus at the Orient, move Eastward, politically, economically and culturally, as the East has all development prospects.

H.E. President Assad welcomed correct relations with the West, provided that these countries were to refrain from supporting terrorism, cut their relations with terrorism and terrorists, citing the persistent mistakes committed by the West.

The enemies will not get in politics from Syria what they failed to achieve through terrorism, asserted President Assad, citing the enemies' fear that Syria would emerge stronger after the war.

 H.E. President Assad reiterated the basics for the Syrian diplomacy:

  • Everything linked to Syria is one hundred percent intra-Syrian.
  • The territorial integrity of Syria.
  • Arabism with its civilization aspect.
  • We will not allow others to gain through diplomacy what they failed to achieve through war.
  • War did not change our principles.
  • The  Palestinian Cause is central.
  • Israeli occupation is the enemy.
  • Support for genuine resistance.

 Syria is the strong, independent, and free SYRIA, where therein there is no place for terrorism, extremism, lackeys or traitors," outlined H.E. President Assad to the standing ovation of the crowded hall.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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