Commitments to Eliminating Terrorism, Dialogue and Reconciliations Underscored

DAMASCUS, (ST)- H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad  called on those who carried the weapons against the Syrians to put down their weapons and join reconciliations, asserting that terrorism would but destroy the homeland.

In a landmark speech at the Syrian People's Assembly here Tuesday, President Assad underscored that the Syrians have no alternative but only victory.

'blood shedding would not end but through the eliminating of terrorism from its roots.' Said President Assad, asserting further continued work on the political track in reply to the State and popular desire as to end blood shedding.

H.E. President Assad pointed out that a big part of the ongoing crisis in Syria is regional and international more than domestic, calling on the new Parliament to work on needed legislations, measures and laws as to foil the economic terrorism and other forms of terrorism imposed against the Syrians.

“We are witnessing international conflicts that have led to regional conflicts between countries that seek preserving their sovereignty and independence and other countries that seek implementing other parties’ agendas even at the expense of their own people’s interests,” President Bashar Al-Assad has underscored.


President Al-Assad said that the countries supporting terrorism were aware that their main political plan after the failure of their terrorist scheme against Syria was to target the constitution and consequently create chaos.

The plan was to help terrorism be completely dominant and then be described as moderate, President Al-Assad said.

He pointed out that in order to perpetuate their scheme, the countries supporting terrorism kept using sectarian terms to feed sedition.

“The sectarian systems turn the people of a homeland to enemies, thereby colonialist countries introduce themselves as a protector to certain groups inside this homeland,” the president clarified.

He also stressed that unity doesn’t start from geography but from the unity of the citizens.

The recent Parliamentary elections are distinguished as far their level of popular participation and representation, President Assad noted, asserting that the Syrians have made a surprise to the entire world through their large-scale and unprecedented participation, not to mention the variety and spectra of the voted for MPs.

Among the voted for MPs are the wounded, mothers, sisters of the martyrs, doctors, artists in defense of the homeland against Syria.

The People's Assembly (Parliament) held  yesterday its first ordinary session of the second legislative term.

On May 24th, President Bashar Al-Assad issued decree No. 146 for 2016, calling on the newly elected parliament to hold its first session on June 6th .

 President Al-Assad, on May 2nd , issued decree No. 127 for 2016, announcing the names of the candidates who won membership in the parliament.

Syria held its parliamentary elections on April 13th with more than 3,500 candidates running for  the 250 seats of the parliament, 31 MP's are women.

Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf Abbas was elected as the Speaker of the People’s Assembly . She holds a PhD in Agriculture Science, a University Professor, an active member of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, a former MP 2003-2007, an active member of the national reconciliation committee at Deir Azzour and an outspoken transparent and social public figure.

 H.E. President Assad called on the new MPs to work sincerely and faithfully for the homeland in the interest of the citizen.

H.E. President Assad criticized the West bids as to preserve its hegemony all over the world at whatever cost, describing the ongoing as international crises with regional affiliations where some countries work for their interests and others work for others.

President Assad hailed the role of the Syrian nationals who seek through political work as to safeguard their homeland and defend its sovereignty and independence.

H.E. cited the sinister bids as to target the Syrian Army Establishment, the shared national and varied religious identity of the Syrians.

' The Syrians are brothers in life as well as in martyrdom,' President Assad added, citing the recent heinous terrorist attacks against Syrians at Al-Zara, Tartous, Jabla and other places in Syria.

President Assad noted that the USA did not commit itself to the agreed upon regarding the conditions pertaining to cessation of hostilities, turning blind eyes to Erdogan's support to terrorism, not to mention the Saudi public support for terrorism.

H.E. President Assad blasted the destructive role and foreign agendas of some foreign opposition groups , whose only agenda was to wake up, sleep and eat!

President Assad blasted the schemes as to target the Constitution for creating a racial sectarian constitution which would transform the united Syrians into dismembered sectarian in tatters Syrians.

President Assad reiterated that the Syrians are ever to defend their sovereignty, integrity and fight terrorism and are never to be taken by some foreign-agenda agents who are a floor cloth for their masters.

The president said that principles are essential in any negotiation process because they constitute the reference for talks, adding that from the beginning of “Geneva3”, “we presented a paper of principles on which talks can be based.”

On the Turkish role, President Al-Assad said that “Erdogan’s fascist regime has been concentrating on Aleppo because it is his last hope to achieve his brotherhood project. However, Aleppo will be the grave where the dreams of this butcher will be buried.”

Syria’s war on terrorism will continue not because the Syrians like wars. The war was imposed on the country and bloodshed won’t stop until terrorism with all its forms is uprooted wherever it is in Syria, President Al-Assad stressed.

The president went on to say that any political process that doesn’t start, go in parallel and end with eliminating terrorism is fruitless and meaningless, repeating his call on all who carried weapon for whatever reason to join the reconciliation process in the country.

Terrorism will inevitably be defeated as long as our brave Army, friendly countries like Russia, Iran and China are supporting the Syrian people, said President Al-Assad, hailing these countries’ firm stances in support of peoples’ right to self-determination.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim/ Hamda Mustafa





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