The Ongoing is but a Foreign War against Syrians


DAMASCUS, (ST) H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad asserted that the ongoing is but a foreign war against Syrians.

In a landmark speech at the central Bar Associations, H.E. pointed out that the presence of some lackey Syrians in the forefront of this war never means that it is a domestic war among the Syrians.

''Had it been a domestic struggle among the Syrians themselves, Syria would have been dismembered during the first 3 months and so has been the state during the first months and perhaps during the first year,'' said President Al-Assad.

''Our stand and steadfastness as Syrians and the steadfastness of the Syrian Army in front of the standing challenges have made the Syrians withstand the ongoing unprecedented war ,'' added  H.E. President Assad, citing the important assistance and stances  by the friends of Syria, Iranians, Russians and others, who have stood with the Syrians, but surely  not on their behalf.

For the restoration of our right, we have to pay a very dear price. The first to defend this very right of the Syrians is the hero Syrian Arab Army, asserted H.E. President Assad.


H.E. President Assad pointed out that the Syrian official delegation went to Geneva for intra Syrian dialogue, wondering whether the presence of the delegations representing non-Syrians is so and whether the presence of a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism is also so! Asserting that a traitor is no way different from a terrorist

Some of hose whom we went to Geneva, Riyadh opposition, were lackeys and traitors formed in the rooms foreign, Turkish or Arab Intelligence or foreign ministries, President Assad pointed out.

Riyadh opposition delegation  represents but the Saudi Monarchy, and when we make dialogue with them we make it with the Saudi Monarchy, added President Assad.

''We can discuss not the Syrian Constitution with them, we can discuss the Saudi Constitution, if any, human rights in Saudi Monarchy for example, but not to discuss the future of Syria,'' said H.E. President Assad

'We are in need for an all-out collective work at the level of Syria as to overcome the standing challenges,'' added H.E. President Al-Assad, citing the pivotal role of the families, society and association as to face the psychological and moral effects of the foreign war launched against the Syrians.

The duty is to embrace the Syrian Army, the martyred families, the wounded and their families as a basic need for the continuation of life, President Assad underscored.

H.E. President Assad underlined the importance of commitment to the Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic and constitutional stipulation as a genuine political guideline for every citizen, citing the forthcoming Parliament election as an important constitutional stipulation where the popular participation is crucial for genuine competition and democracy.

 H.E. President Assad pointed out that during the 5 years of the crisis in Syria, the West shouted only when terrorists suffered and shouted, wondering why the West considers a ceasefire as the second to none priority while it has not spoken about the priority to fighting terrorism.

'All those who carried arms against the Syrians and their State are but terrorists; and this is a matter out of question, until they put their arms down,'' asserted President Assad.

President Assad asserted that the crisis in Syria or the war against Syria and since its first  months was but an international struggle between those who seek to abide by the United Nations Charter and those who seek to abolish the Charter and impose the logic of hegemony and force.

In reference to the reports about Turkish and Saudi ground intervention and aggressions against Syrians, President Assad asserted that this has been for long the sinister schemes and actions of both regimes and that the consequences of such a folly would be at the international and only the domestic level.


President Assad asserted that talking about law and rights means a healthy society and healthy individuals, citing the role of the Bar Associations, not only in defending the interests of its members, but in national and political awareness

President Assad draws lines between a government and the State as a whole, asserting that any individual has the right to oppose the government and its policies and to ask for changing the government and its policies, but none can change the State, which is but the need for all.

H.E. spoke of the present misunderstanding of certain linguistic clichés and coinages, like regime as to label the regime in Syria in humiliation for all Syrians, hence in Syria there is only but the State.

President Assad reviewed the 5 year crisis and foreign war against Syrians which started by paid demonstrations, specifically by Qatar, a very small number of Syrians before it was changed into arms, and once failed, the anti-Syrians moved to Al-Nusra and ISIS.

President Assad blasted the West destruction against construction and its support to terrorism as a political game.

H.E. President Assad reiterated that Syria would remain steadfast against bids as to change it into a characterless satellite country, like other neighbouring countries, in the orbit of others, who have been working for instability, ciaos and ethnic divisions.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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