Terrorism recognizes no borders underscored President Al-Assad

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Terrorism recognizes no borders , and the spread of terrorism cannot be eliminated by a war nor by warplanes. Outlined H. E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

Terrorism is a sick thinking, deformed belief as well as an odd practice and should be eliminated from its roots, added H.E. President Al-Assad, blasting the Western approach in handling terrorism once it strikes at the West and as 'revolution', 'freedom' and 'human rights' once terrorism "strikes at us".

"The West tackling of terrorism is hypocrite with double standards," added President Al-Assad in a landmark speech, aired live on Syrian Satellite TV.

 President Al-Assad outlined that what the West has been doing caused terrorism to proliferate and not to be eliminated, asserting that terrorism is synonymous with colonization and immorality.

H.E. President Al-Assad blasted Western calls to fight the' terrorism, which was but created by them'.

President Al-Assad reiterated that Syria has responded to every initiative for the solution of the crisis, asserting than the blood of the Syrians is above every consideration and that the ending of war, the fight against terrorism is the priority.

"there is no link between dialogue, political work and terrorism; terrorism is but slaughter, destruction, and weakening of immunity," underscored President Al-Assad.

President Al-Assad blasted a part of the so-called opposition abroad as mere agents, wondering whether the West would allow armed opposition or agent-opposition to exist in their countries.

The opposition linked to foreign countries and the terrorists have but one master; they are members of one body, one master mind as to blackmail Syria and transform it to a satellite country or they would continue to destroy Syria, H.E. President Assad outlined.

President Al-Assad blasted the part of the foreign-invented-and-backed-part of the opposition, which along with the terrorists have one master.

Syria is with any effective political dialogue; the solution has also military and security aspects, added President Al-Assad.

'Terrorism should be struck for a serious and genuine dialogue among Syrians," added President Al-Assad.

President Al-Assad added that the foreign-linked-opposition is part of the ongoing terrorism against Syrians, citing other kinds of oppositions including the national, opportunist and agent opposition.

"The fight against terrorism is the sole alternative," reiterated President Al-Assad, asserting that Syria is never to surrender the homeland to the foreign-backed opposition nor to their masters.

"We have never sought war, but it was imposed upon us and the armed forces had to encounter terrorism," outlined H.E. President Al-Assad, pointing out that the countries supporting terrorists have provided support to the terrorists and at times interfered directly.

 "the Resistance has been efficient and qualitative part along the army in the achievements in more than a place in Syria; we are thankful for their courage," added H.E. President Al-Assad.

 President Al-Assad asserted that every single span of the Syrian territories is dear and valuable, but the priorities for the leadership and field realities are important regions, the life of the citizens and the soldiers.

"territories are to be restored and we work for victory as the martyrdom is a destiny not objective," outlined President Al-Assad, citing the Syrians popular support and backing to their armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

H.E. President Al-Assad spoke about the ongoing military war, media war and psychological war against Syria as to fake n idea about the dismemberment of Syria into entities, citing the repetition of sectarian and ethnic clichés about Syria.

"the more we comprehend the nature of the ongoing war, the more we are able to encounter the propaganda," added H.E. President Al-Assad.

"The Syrians have authorized none as to surrender their rights," outlined H.E. President Al-Assad, asserting the importance of fighting racism, ethnicity, narrow-mindedness.

President Al-Assad reiterated that Syria is for all Syrians and the share of every Syrian is all of Syria, the one integral Syria, in which the terrorists are on one side and the rest of the Syrians is on the other side.

H.E. President Al-Assad spoke about the promising sector of rebuilding, small loans in providing job opportunities, services, infrastructure  as well on other economic issues in light of the ongoing war.

"We will never be slaves but ever independent masters," added H.E. President Assad, asserting that the ongoing is the war for our existence as either to be or not to be as the battle for every Syrian, for the integrity and unity of the Syrian territory.

"the future of Syria is to decide the future of the region; we have to vanquish in our battles, to be united against terrorism," outlined President Al-Assad, pointing out that many of those who carried arms have joined the Syrians' war against terrorism.

"Syria's victory is for all Syrians against the plots hatched against them,"   said H.E. President Al-Assad, voicing gratitude and thanks to Iran, Russia, China, Lebanese Resistance for their support against terrorism.

"the homeland, Syria, is our right, the protection of Syria is our duty and God stands with right," concluded President Al-Assad to the thundering voices of the Syrians shouting loud: " With our soul, our blood, we sacrifice for you oh Bashar!"

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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