President al-Assad to periodic meeting of Endowments Ministry: Essence of thought is religion because it enters all aspects of life

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad said on Monday that the essence of thought is religion as it infiltrates  all aspects of life, in mentality, behavior and passion.This has happened  in the past,is happening now in the present and will also happen in the future.It is enough to destroy this thought in order to destroy societies.

“This has been taking place for nearly a century or more, and overall, after hundreds of years, enemies of those societies have managed to  achieve their goal  in this domain… and religion which descended upon humanity to be a tool for the development of societies, instead, has become a  tool to ruin those societies… Here I want to compare  the situation and the world in which we live as a large ocean… huge waves that strike in all directions… strike security through terrorism… strike economy through siege,” President al-Assad added during an expanded meeting held by the Ministry of Endowments for scholars at Al-Othman Mosque in Damascus.

He added that what defines the ability of societies to face destruction are the factors of stability and fortification that inhibit  mental infiltrations.

The President underlined that the assessment  of the society’s adherence to religion will be through assessing  the morals of society and the behavior of its citizens.

The president went on to say “let us start with our responsibility, normally, when an offence happens  to our beliefs and symbols, the first natural response to any assault or offence is  a decisive condemnation and a decisive stance.

“Why have no changes ever been made… why do those offences continue… because we only express outrage… we express outrage, but we don’t confront, and there is a big difference between anger and confrontation,” President Al-Assad said.

He affirmed that “We are in a state of war… this war might be economic, or it could be military, and it could come as an attack on our  thoughts, but if we want to confront, we have to be like a soldier at his post, the soldier must take the right position, direction and method in order to win the war.

“Anger can achieve nothing. We have to think of  how and where to start the confrontation… Confrontation starts by knowing the real enemy and his whereabouts… President al-Assad said.

He added that the danger always comes from inside, from extremism, backwardness and the inability to have the correct and right mentality.

“As for terrorism, I didn’t talk about it and I didn’t say that terrorism constitutes danger because terrorism is a mere result, not a reason,” President al-Assad said.

President al-Assad: Supporting production is the most important way to face blockade

Priority should be given to agriculture 

Syrian media has made great strides under difficult conditions


Damascus (ST): The new cabinet ministers headed by eng. Hussein Arnous, were sworn in before President Bashar al-Assad.

Presiding over the meeting after the swearing in ceremony, President al-Assad welcomed the new government team, saying “the new government means new members with new ideas and old members with renewable ideas which means reformulation with more developed and more active ways through reviewing visions, strategies and developing mechanisms of implementation, noting that the importance of the review does not only lie in development but in benefiting from previous lessons as these lessons with their negative and positive points can help the official and the establishment to precede surprises, especially under the current circumstances.

His Excellency said that the government should put clear priorities that must meet the needs of citizens.


Right Government lies in good administration

President Al-Assad said that the first important point in the priorities is the project of the administrative reform which was  announced  three years ago, and it is axiomatic that the right governance  or establishment lies in good administration.

The President affirmed that it is impossible to have bad administration and right governance  and anything we do without systematic administration will be incomplete, unstable and temporary ,stressing that if good laws were issued and if there were successful  policies put by the government , but there was no good administration  to accomplish these policies and implement those laws, there is no value for  the policies and laws. "The same  goes for human resources. We usually   talk a lot about the availability of  human resources and say that we have qualifications ,so why we do not use them  , this is a good talk, but it is meaningless without a program which should be put by the government to achieve justice among employees in state establishments.The President clarified that there is an important point for the project of administrative reform which is preventing crossing among establishments  and laws inside the establishments.

"Coordination is not a mood or a personal trait for the official. Rather, it  is a clear mechanism inside institutions. When there is contradiction in capacities and when there is contradiction in laws, the talk about coordination becomes just a meaningless slogan and the program of administrative reform aims to correct all these things in order to get the best results,” the President said, adding that the program of administrative reform aims to correct all defects and we have to support the project of administrative development because it is basic for the development and successof the Syrian state with its all establishments.

President Al-Assad presiding over the new cabinet meeting

President Al-Assad while presiding over  the new cabinet meeting: The new government means new members with new ideas, and old members with fresh ideas.

President Al-Assad: It is very necessary for us to think about how to transform the informatics sector into a strategic sector because it is capable of creating many job opportunities with limited establishment costs and high added value.

The Impregnable Fortresses

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ The Syrian Arab Army is the fortified shield of the homeland in the face of successive storms of evil and aggression as to destroy every episode of the Zionist-American project targeting all and with no exception, said President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a written published message on the 73rd Anniversary of Syrian Arab Army foundation Anniversary, Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad, the General Commander of the Army and Armed Forces.

President Assad addressed the Syrian Army as the men of dignity, sovereignty and pride moving from an accomplishment to another and from a victory to another in the face of the organized terrorism and its reginal and international backers.