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Volunteer Work in Syria, Strategic Partner in Community Development

DAMASCUS – Syria’s volunteers constitute the very core of the civil society and have integral role as key partner in community development in pre-and post-war periods.

On International Volunteer Day which coincides on 5th of December, the UN held a celebration marking this occasion under the theme “Volunteers build Resilient Communities”. It provides a unique opportunity to highly appreciate the efforts exerted by volunteers and non-governmental organizations and their great contributions to the local communities, a report published by SANA said.

First Lady Takes Part in Aamal Celebration Marking International Day of People with Disabilities

First Lady, Mrs. Asama Al-Assad on Monday participated in a celebration held by the Syrian Organization for Persons with Disabilities "Aamal" to highlight the importance of early detection of hearing disabilities and to stress the role of parents and support institutions in this issue.

Center for Supporting and Empowering Syrian Women in Lattakia

"Undoubtedly, women are an integral part of society and it is crucial to recognize their vital  role in sustainable development.  Empowering women would empower the entire society and can have many positive results on social, economic and other aspects of life” Dr. Omar Ballan, the Assistant Representative of the United Nations Population Fund Agency( UNPFA) in Syria said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper during a UNPFA delegation' visit to the Center for Supporting and Empowering Syrian Women (Women Safe Spaces) in Lattakia province.

Breast Cancer Early Detection Very Important to Avoid Strenuous Journey of Treatment

"Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women globally and in parallel with the Breast Cancer Awareness worldwide Month event, the national campaign for early detection of breast cancer was launched at the beginning of October throughout all the Syrian provinces” Dr. Wafaa Halloom, Head of the Reproductive Health Program at Lattakia Health Directorate , who is also the supervisor of the  national campaign there said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Russian Universities Seek Cooperation with Syrian Counterparts to Support Rebuilding Higher Education in Syria

The Russian Culture Centre in Beirut and the Russian Culture Centre in Damascus held recently an Educational Introductory exhibition to introduce the activities of the higher education system in Russia. Delegations representing most important Russian universities took part in the event which was held at the Central Library of Tishreen University in Lattakia province.

 "We are so proud and have the honor to hold such exhibition in Syria, as it is the first of its kind in the Middle East and it comes within the framework of consolidating the Syrian-Russian cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research”, Dr. Vadim Zaichikov, Chairman of the Russian Culture Centre in Beirut and supervisor of the Russian Culture Centre in Damascus said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

He pointed out that this educational event focused on presenting introductory activities about the system of education in Russia and the specializations offered by the Russian higher educational establishments. It also focused on educational scholarships offered by the Russian government for foreign students.

Breast Cancer Survivors Tell Their Success Stories

DAMASCUS- With courage in the face of breast cancer and the desire to overcome it and to move on, survivors stories were the strongest message of the Syrian Society for Breast Diseases in a series of lectures launched since the beginning of October to raise awareness about the early detection of breast cancer, a report published by SANA said.

Speaking to SANA, Chairman of the Society Samia al-Kinj, who was diagnosed with breast cancer about 18 years ago through a mammogram image, has turned her illness into a motivation and a desire to reach all women and to educate them about early detection to avoid a strenuous journey of treatment, which prompted her to co-founded the association with a group of doctors in 2006.

60 Clinics Dedicated to Serve the “Because You Are Stronger than Cancer” Campaign for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian Family planning Association has put more than 60 clinics and medical points in the service of the national awareness campaign for early detection of breast cancer launched between October 1st and 30th within the international Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Executive Director of the association Lama al-Mouqe’ clarified on Wednesday that the clinics, which are distributed in different Syrian provinces, will organize over this month awareness meetings on methods of protection from breast cancer, on the factors that may increase infection possibilities and on breast self-exam to detect any tumors.

According to al-Mouqe’, the association campaign also provides clinical medical examination and ensures transportation for women, who want to make breast examination by  "mammogram", to the health centers and hospitals participating in the campaign.