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Children's Literature and Translation

Al-Assad Library recently hosted a symposium titled "Children's Literature and Translation" with the participation of a number of prominent Syrian writers and translators.

Organized by the Syrian General Book Commission, in cooperation with the Arab Writers Union and Damascus University, the symposium focused on various aspects of children's writing and translation.

Head of the Arab Writers' Union Malek Saqqour made an intervention about Russian writer Tolstoy Children's stories such as "The Elephant,  "Two Friends" and "Turtles and the Eagle", pointing out that these stories were simple in form but with important moral lessons and educational message.

Souk al-Itfayeh: Damascus’ Largest Second-Hand Clothes Market

Souk al-Itfayeh is the main used clothes market in Damascus city. The Souk is located in Khalid Bin Alwaleed Street, in Qanawat district in the Damascus downtown.

500 families of martyrs honored marking October Liberation War

Marking the 46th anniversary of the October Liberation War, the Syrian Association for Supporting the Families of Martyrs “Tammuz” held a ceremony to honor 500 martyr families of Syrian Arab Army soldiers  at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

The ceremony aimed to commemorate the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army heroes who took part in October Liberation War and smashed the myth of the “invincible” Israeli army and who have been fighting terrorism over the past years of the global war on Syria.

"Jibal Ashams"  ( Mountains of the Sun)  film,  was screened during the ceremony. It was produced by "Tammuz" association in cooperation with the General Organization for Cinema and directed by Ayman Zidan.  The film embodies the value of martyrdom and martyrs. It also sheds light on the role of the Syrian women who proved their willpower in facing terrorism .

Starting-up “AVXW Make-Future Electronic Prosthetics Center” the first of its kind in Syria

Syrian youths have proved to the world that they are a beacon of excellence and creativity in all fields. Despite eight years of suffering due to the crisis in the country, they stayed steadfastly determined to continue their study and achieve their dreams.

 Eng. Ali Mohammed Al-Hassoun Al-Bakeer in cooperation with  two Biomedical Engineering students at Tishreen University in Lattakia province Sam Karafallah and Abdullah Qaddour have recently opened their own starting-up “ AVXW  Make-Future”  electronic  prosthetics   center  in Hama province..

"The center is our message, as Syrian youths, to stress our keenness on taking part effectively in the reconstruction process in the country. If the terrorists groups were able to amputate some parts of the Syrians’ bodies, they couldn’t uproot the spirit of development and creativity in all fields” Eng. Al-Bakeer told Syriatimes e-newspaper.

"The center is one of the first platforms of its kind in Syria that is concerned in producing and fixing electronic artificial limb for all ages” Al-Bakeer indicated.

Symposium highlighting Reda Sa'ed's enlightening role

Al-Assad National Library recently hosted a symposium entitled "Prominent Figures in Thought, Literature and Life".  The symposium focused on Reda Sa'ed as a pioneer of modern scientific renaissance and the first rector of Damascus University.

Dr. Sami Mobayyed highlighted the crucial role played by Sa'ed in reopening the Ottoman Medical Institute and offering free treatment for citizens along with Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Shabander and Murshed Khater.  The three succeeded in the task and re-opened the Institute that was re-named as the Arab Medical Institute which later became the Medicine Faculty at Damascus University, founded by Sa'ed himself in 1923.

Peace Makers Association in Lattakia launches “Peacefully Connected” Campaign

"There is no way to peace, peace is the way. Peace is far more than a world free from wars and conflicts; we should first achieve inner peace which will be reflected on the society because it is a basic necessity for all communities.” Miss Hazar Kbeily, coordinator of the “Peacefully Connected" training camp; recently held in “Al-Mawla Hasan” forest in Al-Qadmous in Tartous province, declared in an interview with Syriatimes.

The “Peacefully Connected" campaign, held by the “peace Makers” civil association in Lattakia province marking the International Day of Peace, included a number of activities and interactive dialogues and workshops on peace carried out by the association’s voluntary teams.

Pope Francis gives thousands of rosaries to Christians in Syria

Vatican City, Aug 15, 2019 -Pope Francis announced Thursday that he is giving 6,000 blessed rosaries to Catholic communities in Syria as a sign of his closeness on the Marian Feast of the Assumption.

“Prayer made with faith is powerful! We continue to pray the rosary for peace in the Middle East and in the whole world,” Pope Francis said Aug. 15 in his Angelus message for the Assumption of Mary.

The pope blessed the rosaries made by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, and said that the Syrian families that lost someone because of the war are close to his heart.