National salvation party backs Syrian army, rejects transitional government

The National Salvation Party announced Monday its plan during its founding conference held in the 'al-Qaisar Palace' Hotel in Damascus in the presence of  representatives of the Chinese and Russian embassies plus several secretaries of national parties and members of Parliament.

The plan of the party is based on preserving the unity of the Syrian territories, supporting the Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism and protecting the national unity, enhancing the principle of citizenship and holding a comprehensive national dialogue to make political, constitutional, administrative and judicial reforms, according to the Party's Secretary General Dr. Hosameddin Abo Khier, who gave a speech in the opening ceremony of the conference.

National Center for Excelled Students Celebrates Graduation of Fifth Batch of Students in Presence of Mrs. Asma Al-Assad

LATAKKIA, (ST)- In the presence of First Lady, Mrs. Asma al-Assad, the National Center for Excelled Students on Sunday celebrated the graduation of the fifth batch of students in a ceremony held at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia.

The Center continues to supply the Syrian society with distinguished creative youths who are capable of coping with vast scientific development and of meeting the homeland's need of skilled and excelled cadres.

During the celebration, the Center's Director Iskandar Muneef said in a statement that the center aims at attracting young inventive potentials and providing them with special care and support as to help them contribute to the process of building the Syrian society .

Mirvat Jamoul a Distinguished Example of the Challenge of Disability

SWEIDA, (ST)-Mervat Jamoul, a blind young girl from the Syrian city of Sweida, has challenged her disability and overcome difficulties to reach an advanced academic degree and become a distinguished successful person.

'Mother Syria' Group holds its founding conference in Damascus

The 'Mother Syria' Group, which seeks to take part in rebuilding Syria and to achieve local reconciliations, has held its founding conference in Damascus, according to the official news agency (SANA).

 The agency quoted the group's head Dr. Mahmod al-Irq as saying –during the conference held yesterday in the Omayad Hotel in Damascus- that the current circumstances necessitate the foundation of groups as the individual work is fruitless.

Dr. al-Irq asserted the Syrian people's unity in confronting the plots that aim to destroy the homeland.

Gunmen's leaders hinder reconciliation in Aleppo - Haidar

Minister of State for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar has said that huge pressures are being put on gunmen by their leaders in order to prevent them from turning themselves in accordance with the amnesty offered by President Bashar al-Assad by the end of last week.

He confirmed that some gunmen from Aleppo turned themselves in -so far -and the number of abductees in the country is still 15.000, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan news paper.

The paper indicated that the minister is visiting Aleppo to discuss the issue of reconciliation there.

“Children of the Sun” Initiative to Support Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers’ Children

HOMS, (ST)- The National Union of Syrian Students recently launched a campaign entitled "Children of the Sun" in several cities including Homs to provide psychological support to the children of martyrs and wounded Syrian Army personnel.

The campaign includes several activities covering the domains of music, sports, drawing, handicrafts and computer courses, in addition to other activities including psychological support and courses to teach Arabic and foreign languages.

First Lady: Caring for Orphaned Children One of Most Sublime Humanitarian Deeds

DAMASCUS, (ST)- First Lady Mrs. Asma Al-Assad has stressed the important role being played by orphanages in support for the psychological, health and educational status of orphans and to help them be effective people in society.