Wadi Al-Nadarah Received the Governmental Delegation

In pursuit of the citizens' concerns and the work process in the different fields of governmental services in all the Syrian governorates, Mr. Emad Khamis, Prime Minister, as he used to do, began a work visit to Homs.

What is striking in all his visits is the presence of a large number of ministers who accompany him. He listens to the problems and addresses to the concerned minister to solve them immediately.

He started from the Industrial City in Hassia, the economic heart of the city, where a large number of industrialists have returned to work. He met with them listened to their problems and their views and addressed the concerned ministers to resolve all these problems as quickly as possible.

Then he visited Almkharam, which is one of the eastern important gates of Homs.

SARC Spokeswoman on WRD: Syria Has Been only Country to Receive Refugees without Visa

Around 320 child refugees of different nationalities participated in 'paper kite' activity organized Thursday by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in cooperation with the office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in the cultural center in al-Adawi area in Damascus on the occasion of the World Refugee Day (WRD).

The activity targets refugees in Syria and the Syrian persons affected by the ongoing crisis in the country  and it aims to bring hope and smile to their faces, according to the SARC's official spokeswoman  Mouna al-Kurdi, who told the Syriatimes e-newspaper's correspondent  that the refugees in Syria are of Sudanese, Somalian, Afghan and Iraqi nationalities, who were forced to flee their countries because of wars in their homelands.

International Day of the Sons of the Sun

Under the patronage of the Syrian Commission for Family and Population Affairs and in partnership with associations, community centers, scouts, institutions, and various volunteer teams, Sayar launched the International Day of the Sons of the Sun to be an annual event held on the 1st of July each year around the world.

The event, which was launched from Damascus  to several places such as ;  Aleppo, Tarsus ,  Latakia  , Homes and Salamiah, included different sorts of activities directed to this category  of children( marginalized children and children in the street ).

This event was held in the public places such as streets, gardens and squares, to draw the attention of the world  to this phenomenawhich is increasing day by day especially in the time of war and crises.

'Sham FM' Radio Launches 'To MY Family' Project

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation, 'Sham FM' Radio has launched 'To MY Family' project that aims to alleviate the suffering of some victims of the ongoing terror war on Syria. 

The project comes within the framework of the national, cultural and social message of the radio, Founder and Director of 'Sham FM' radio Samir Yousif told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), referring to the national duty of media outlets and their role in social solidarity.

Journey through Some Humanitarian Activities Carried out by ICRC, SARC in Syria

Despite the extremely hot weather, a lot of Syrian persons have visited 'Athar' exhibition in Tekkiyh Mosque in Damascus in order to be briefed on humanitarian activities carried out by The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Syria.

The three-day exhibition, opened Tuesday evening in the Tekkiyh Mosque, includes hundreds of photos taking you on a journey through the ICRC's humanitarian work through 50 years and the impact left on people in Syria and the impact Syrian people left through their stories, sorrows and concerns on the ICRC and its staff working in Syria.

'BEEs Community' Team Launches 'Tree of Hope' Initiative for Teens

The 'BEEs Community' team in Damascus has launched 'Tree of Hope' initiative that aims to empower life skills for teens and to enhance psychological support for this category through training activities and workshops.

According to the initiative's coordinator Samir Maihob, the training activities and workshops help discover teens' needs and enhance their abilities within interactive atmosphere that strengthens relations between trainees and enhances principles of peace, life and work.

Khamis: Government Keen on Supporting Charity Associations

Prime Minister Imad Khamis accompanied by governmental delegation and heads of charity associations' councils made Saturday an unofficial visit to the headquarters of 'al-Mabarra' Association in Damascus where they were briefed on orphans' problems and situation.

According to state-run Tishreen newspaper [in Arabic], the premier stood with many orphans and asked them about their problems and ambitions.