Delegations from 39 countries participate in International Conference for Youths in Damascus

More than 200 students and journalists have come from 39 Arab and foreign countries to Syria in order to take part in the International Conference for Youths kicked off on Sunday at the Khan Asaad Basha in Damascus under the title a 'step for Syria'.

Some of the participants came from countries that support terrorist organizations in Syria in order to say that the people of those countries are against the policies of their government.

The General Authority to Oversee Industry and Tourism Sectors in Homs


Homs province is one of the largest provinces of the country containing a large number of tourist attractions and industrial facilities that located throughout the province in addition to its industrial city, Heisya.

Tourism flourished in the different areas of Homs beginning from the desert where the ancient city of Palmyra up to the mountains, the Krak des Chevaliers and the old town center. So there is a special body in the executive office to oversee the industrial plants and tourist attractions and to follow-up work in these two important sectors.

Talking about the work of this office, the ST. met Mr. Hamdo Al-Jurani, director of the Executive Office for tourism and industry sectors in Homs city Council.

The tale of the foolish sheep

The wise grandmother said to her grandson: do not be as the foolish sheep which had tried to break the rough rock, but it had gotten an opposite result when it lost its horns.

She told him to be quit when he knew that his sister took his toy to play with it in the house garden , and he became very angry, so he tried to break her cupboard.

The grandmother said: this behavior is like the behavior of the armed terrorist groups who have an aim, to strike the national unity in Syria.`

Agriculture Directorate in Homs

Agriculture is one of the Syrian economic pillars.  Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform oversees all agricultural activities in Syria including crops and fruit trees, as well as supervising livestock all over the country. Therefore the Ministry has distributed tasks on its directorates in the country to implement the ministry's assigned work plans.

Homs Cultivation Directorate, is one of those directorates, which have undertaken the task of upgrading and developing the agricultural reality in the country in general and in the governorate in particular. The directorate, thanks to its well-trained staff in all specialists managed to develop and improve the agricultural situation, both the agricultural and livestock sectors, throughout the province.

Partnership between Government and Civil Society Associations Important to Build the Future- Workshop

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Souria Al-Madania Association (Civil Syria Association) in cooperation with the Ministry of Administrative Development yesterday held a workshop to discuss the importance of partnership between the government and the Syrian civil society Associations in building the future and preparing vocationally qualified generation.

Participants in the workshop urged putting a national program that organizes the work of civil society organizations in Syria.

Australian Delegation: We Came to Syria to Tell the World that the Syrian People Aren’t Alone


DAMASCUS, (ST)- Health Minister Nizar Yazigi and the visiting  Australian delegation on Tuesday discussed the situation of the Syrian health sector under the systematic aggression of terrorists on the country’s health institutions and under the economic siege imposed on the Syrian people.

Head of the delegation, Father David Smith, hailed the high morale of the Syrian youths and believed that the health system in Syria is still “strong”.

Yazigi briefed the guest delegation, which comprised several Australian activists, journalists and athletes, on the huge damage caused to the health sector because of the terrorist attacks over the past five years and which led 33 hospitals and 20 pharmaceutical factories to be out of service and caused destruction to 692 health centers.

Al- Madafa:The first legislative school in Sweida

Al- Madafa is the first legislative school in Sweida due to its role in spreading moral and humanitarian values among al-Sweida all different sectors and citizens.

It is an open club for conducting all kinds of dialogues in all fields, namely in the social, agricultural, commercial, industrial and political domains. It is also the most suitable place for holding meetings and political symposiums where everyone has the right to express himself freely through speaking about his daily suffering.