The ideal way to bring your children up

Family and its foundation is the manner of life for immortality. Children are the offspring of the family. Children are the continuity of man in life. How miserable life is for a married couple without children! Life for them is unbearable and sorrow fills their hearts. They will die without leaving any sign in the world.

Children are the adornment of the world. They represent life and hope. To create an ideal young generation, parents have a duty towards this real gift. They should know how to bring them up well. Parents should teach their children values such as generosity, modesty, courage, respect, truthfulness, sacrifice and  love for their homeland and for people.

All children should be brought up showing respect for their parents, neighbors and teachers. They should be taught how to be modest when they achieve success or fame and not show off. They should know how to be courageous in the face of danger and how to depend upon themselves. They should be taught how to be faithful, truthful and brave to tell the truth. Children should be taught how to be kind and friendly to their relatives and friends.

It is important to make our children see when we give money particularly to the needy, when we offer help or kindness to others. Parents are the real mirror for their children. Children usually follow their parents' suit. Good parents create good and fair children. You can't ask your child to be good if you behave in a wrong way. Ideal parents can educate their children perfectly.

It is not good to be too lenient all the time with our children. We should be strict to prevent them of behaving badly. To punish or deprive children of pleasant things sometimes yields positive results. Coquetry and lenience spoil their life and make children selfish and dependent.

Human instinct rejects dictatorship because it leads to suppression and humiliation. Harsh treatment also destroys the character and deprives children of their humanity. Surely, this will affect negatively on the course of their life.

We shouldn’t forget that motivation is a very important factor in the life of our children. They need more encouragement and praise. When they do something good, we should be glad and show them our happiness to urge and motivate them to do more good deeds.

The language of polite dialogue is very significant between children and their families. This kind of sublime behavior generates warm and close relation and creates mutual confidence among the members of the family.

In fact, bringing up children is a very difficult matter particularly at present time. We should pay more attention to their behaviors and correct what is wrong. The society and the environment we live in have great effect on them. We should be aware of the difficulties they face .It is very important to listen to them and solve their problems. It is true that we (parents) provide money, food and shelter, but what is more is to be close friends. It is necessary to understand them and respect their feelings.

It is very important to ensure an atmosphere of security and tranquility to our children to live a happy and stable life. It is wise to teach them how to lead a life of virtue. By doing so we will establish a strong and fortified generation that will be able to create a virtuous society.


Sharif al Khatib




The power of Passion Change

We talk a lot about the power of military , economic, political and abut other powers of change that control life, affecting people and society alike.

However, we rarely talk about the power of passion’s change which plays critical role in the life of people more than- as I think- all previous powers. If passion is sincere and real, it will be stronger than money, arms and politics in the history of human beings.

To illustrate, I will narrate a story of a man and a woman which strongly indicates that the power of passion’s change could improve the conditions of a man or a woman. The hero of our story is a young and successful physician. During his career he fell in love with a girl, and got married to her and had a child. Afterwards, the young physician was obliged to leave the country looking for a hi-tech medical center that could deal with his sudden grave sickness. During his long stay abroad, his wife asked him to divorce her; he was shocked.

After recovery, he relentlessly tried to reunite with her, but she refused as she told him that she was in love with another person.  Hence, he understood her behavior wishing her a good life. He said to himself that his wife was sincere and didn't want to cheat him, so he accepted this situation.

The power of love soon came when he fell in love with another woman of a bad reputation. Challenging his family, he married her confirming that love is bigger than anything else.

Here the power and amazing ability of love became clear through the ability of the physician to endure all of the gossip about his marriage of the second woman, as well as through  the new look and good image of his second wife as a civilized educated person, who, because of real love, did  succeed to lead her public life positively.

So, we can say that the sincere and honest love has the power to change a person from a devil, if to say,  to an angel!

Raghda  Sawas