From Syrian Children to the World: Stop Sanctions…stop Coronavirus

“I am Khalil Fawzi from Syria. I am ten years old, as old as the war in my country, the war that killed the joy of our childhood and took our right to live in safety.  In this critical situation  that the whole world is witnessing facing  Coronavirus, I appeal  you in my name and on behalf of the children of  Syria to lift  the economic sanctions on my country so it can support the health sector and fight this frightening virus. Please save my Syria” the child Khalil Fawzi said in a message addressed to the world at the sideline of a campaign launched by the Children’s Public Library    Association in Lattakia under the slogan "From Syrian children to the world .. Stop the Corona virus ... Stop the sanctions".

The campaign has had positive repercussions and wide participation by children whose videos obtained a high number of views on the Internet.

Protecting children during the house-quarantine

As public conversations around Coronavirus ( COVID-19) increase ,  Feelings like anxiety, stress and uncertainty are felt especially strongly by children of all ages, who are going to need to feel loved and supported now more than ever.

Some psychologists  recommend that children should be dealt with during the quarantine house period , as part of precautionary measures to address  the Coronavirus,  in a special manner and  prevent them from  listening to the misinformation circulating about the Coronavirus that may lead to anxiety.

“If you do not occupy your children  with some activities, they will occupy you with their  fears.” This message was addressed  by a psychiatrist-WHO consultant Dr. Tayseer Hassoon to the parents.

He  noted  the importance of practicing healthy   various habits and activities for children during the  quarantine  house such as explaining information related to the Coronavirus ,  converting cleaning and sterilization of the house into an amusing activity accompanied  by music ,  drawing pictures of viruses and microbes,  and explaining  the benefits and methods  of using personal protective tools..

Dr. Hassoon told SANA that  parents should control their feelings well, pay attention to their reactions and  listen to their children's fears and speak to them kindly, pointing to the importance of not circulating rumors or misinformation in front of children because their fear and anxiety multiply in cases of death cases.

Giving added value to laurel oil in Al-Daliyah, Jableh countryside

With government support for a project to empower rural women, at a cost of 30 million Syrian pounds, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Reform - Directorate of Rural Women Development - has established in Latakia a Laurel soap manufacturing unit in Al Daliah in Jableh countryside.

Eng. Rabab Warda, head of the Rural Women Department, Lattakia Agriculture Directorate made clear that "we have to take care of the high-value laurel tree, which naturally finds us in, and give added value to laurel oil by manufacturing and packaging it in the laurel soap manufacturing unit in Dalia, with the aim of protecting products from exploiting merchants and selling them at low prices in addition to creating job opportunities for rural women, where job opportunities have been provided for 26 workers in the manufacture of laurel soap, in addition to the manufacture of Vaseline with medicinal and aromatic oils, laurel shampoo, and other detergents such as clear liquid, disinfectants and sterilizers of high quality".

Warda indicated that marketing takes place in the village, where the rural women project was supported by the various food processing units, the sale halls of rural women products in Latakia, and the Syrian galleries of trade throughout the governorate to supply the market with products at promotional prices and in conformity with the Syrian standard specifications.

Lama Razzouk

Civil Society launches “Lift Blockade on Syria” campaign

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The civil society, NGOs, "Ishtar Grandsons " foundation, and Syrian personalities, launched on Wednesday the campaign of  "Lift Blockade on Syria" calling for lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, especially those related to the health aspect, as it is essential in dealing with the Corona virus.

The campaign began by addressing a message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Gutierrez, handed to Dr. Khaled Al-Masri, the media official at the UN bureau in Damascus. The message expresses the stances of the civil society organizations and the Syrian people in general, who demand an immediate lifting of these measures that violate the UN Charter and call on  international organizations to play their effective role to cancel these procedures.

SANA quoted Aysar Midani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ishtar Association as saying: "Ishtar Association, in cooperation with its supporters, many establishments and a number of Syrian citizens, launched the campaign to call on the UN and other international organizations to help lift the unjust siege  imposed on the Syrian people, particularity during this period as  it is considered a war crime at the time  when the world is tackling Corona epidemic".

Initiatives to distribute humanitarian aid continue throughout the country to confront Coronavirus

Governmental and non-governmental efforts continue in the different provinces of the country to confront the novel Coronavirus ( COVID -19)…

Various civil initiatives are being launched daily to ensure the needs of citizens and to encourage them to stay at home in addition to launching   several cleaning and disinfection campaigns  in neighborhoods, markets, streets and public service facilities in a number of different provinces  in the light of the precautionary measures to address  Coronavirus.

Education sector in Syria withstood the foreign-backed terrorist war and now confronting coronavirus

After nine years of fighting against takfiri terrorism and western sanctions that affected all walks of life in Syria, the Syrians are now facing yet a different kind of war. It is the battle against coronavirus, the ambiguous pandemic threatening the entire world.

In The Time of Corona….Symptoms not mentioned by medicine

Everyone talks about the symptoms of the disease, but none of them mentioned the symptoms of quarantine for people. I will do this job.

Among the critical symptoms caused by quarantine are the following: The voices of your children are higher than the normally accepted rate, to the extent of severe headaches.

Your husband is a very strange person who is different from the one you met and married to, because he loves being in the kitchen, wandering between the rooms and issues orders and comments……He has become a home policeman, I always thought I was married to an engineer . This is how your husband forgets everything, and he only remembers the virtue of his mother and her methods of cooking, cleaning and home management.