Summer Club Opened in al-Waer to Provide Entertainment, Psychological Support for Children, Youths

HOMS, (ST)-The Homs Revolutionary Youth Union branch opened on Tuesday a summer club at the Ahmad al-Mubarak School in al-Waer neighborhood in the city of Homs which has recently been declared safe and completely free of gunmen.

 With the departure of the last batch of gunmen from Homs al-Waer neighborhood as a result of a reconciliation agreement, the city of Homs has become completely safe. Locals of the district are now practicing normal life and services are returning gradually with the help of the maintenance teams.

The summer club was opened in consolidation of the culture of life and in expression of the Syrians' strong will which won't be broken by the terrorist organizations' crimes and atrocities.

The Blooming May of Syria is a life Light in the Home of Life

There, on Qasiyoun Mount where the Martyr's monument rises highly reminding us of the noblest of people, the martyrs, who had lost their souls in defense of their home against the tyrannical enemy.

Today, as you come here throughout the green spaces that cover the hills and plains all over the Syrian regions you will find that anemones are covering every part of Syria's land as if the monument of the unknown soldier in Damascus had turned to be seeds that spread in every part of Syria's soil.

Dear Memories

Yesterday I sat down running over the album of my old photos when my children gathered around me to congratulate me on the workers' day...

I show them some of the old photos of our celebrations on Labor Day in the past years... In the early days of my job...

There are a lot of old photos that tell about the labor marches touring Damascus and how we were gathering in one of the squares where speeches were delivered and outstanding workers and heroes of production were honored.

Other photos shows those celebrations that were held in one of the industrial facilities where workers meet from all over the city and talk about their achievements in the work, their rights and the privileges that the state provides them.

We were meeting the heroes of production in all sectors of government.

60 Young Volunteers Participate in Beautification Campaign in Damascus

About 60 young volunteers have started removing old posters in Baramkeh area in Damascus city in cooperation with Ministry of Tourism and Damascus Governorate.

The clean-up and beautification campaign, which comes within the activity of 'Syria is much more beautiful', aims to replace the old posters in Baramkeh, Zahera and al-Assad bridge areas in the capital with new ones made by the volunteers.

The Fifth Dimension

The whole world know that science has approved four dimensions of the existence in which we live, which are  time and place. But we, in Syria, have the other dimension, which is, pain. Yes, it is the new dimension that we feel in our lives and that accompanies us in all our moments and places .

Pain  has become an inherent state for time and place  and an inevitable reality that deprived us of our smile ....

Syrian Children Dream of World without War

Karim, a six-year old boy from Syria, has had wonderful time with many children in an interactive workshop held in Lattakia city and has drawn a painting using colors of rainbow to express his hope for a better future.

His painting plus 50 paintings drawn by the children participated in the workshop have been featured in an exhibition kicked off at the beginning of this week in Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia city under the banner 'The World Without War'.

Social Initiative to Enhance Youths' Ability to Make Positive Change in Society

HAMA, (ST) -"Mishkat" social initiative in Hama is interested in qualifying Syrian youths and in consolidating and developing  their scientific and learning skills before entering job market.

Supervisors of "Mishkat" project believe in the Syrian youths' creative capabilities to make positive change in society and to build better future if their abilities and skills are enhanced and directed towards the right track.

Concerning the goals of "Mishkat", founder of the initiative, Dr. Adel al-Tawashi said it was established in cooperation with Syria's Enterprise and Business Centre (SEBC) with a message to boost  the cultural, economic and social life in society through providing youths with opportunities to find  inventive solutions to their problems. The initiative also aims at contributing to achieving equality, cooperation and integration in society, he added.