Syria: the eternal name

This day is the most important day in his life because it is his lovely girl birth day ;so he seems very confused, but at the same time he seems very happy.

I should choose too kind present which can explain how much I respect this girl whom I cannot find suitable words to describe.

Sometimes I ask myself what does she mean to me, and I do not wait for a long time because the answer comes immediately; she means everything to me, she is the shore of my life sea, she is the most expensive pearl on this shore and in this sea.

Now he is speaking with himself: I will carry beautiful flowers as an expression of love and faith, but here is the real problem because I do not know which color she prefers.

Bleeding Homs

"I was there on that ominous day. I was in a visit to one of my old friends. When I heard the strong sound of the explosion I leapt out of the chair and rushed to the balcony to see what's going on. But before we have understood what is happening another blast was heard in the same place.  I asked my host to lead me to the explosion site. People poured into the street to know what's going on and to inspect their relatives as well", Madeeha, an eye witness to the recent two terrorist bombings in Karm Allouz town of Homs, told ST.

When Parents Play Favorites

Long-Term Effects of Favoritism The impact, good and bad, may run deeper than you think.

Do you openly show favoritism to one of your children? Is your bond stronger with a certain child than another? Certainly, the less-favored child can suffer from your alliances, but you may be surprised to learn that playing favorites has a negative effect on all children in the home, including the "star" child.

It is normal for parents to sometimes display partiality for their own children over other people's children; but when parents show favoritism toward one of their own children over another of its siblings, it causes tremendous conflict between those siblings - such that it destroys their relationships even into adulthood - and often this favoritism is so strong that it is passed down throughout the family line, even to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren along with the hurt and resentment that goes with it.

Individual Initiatives to Support Disabled

Caring about children with special needs in any country is a very important issue that necessitates collective efforts by the family, the society and the government.

 In Syria, particularly during the past two decades, greater attention has been accorded to the issue of helping children with special needs overcome their disability and be effective in their society. Beside the support provided by the government and social parties to this category of the Syrian society, individual initiatives by good doers are made to give a helping hand to those people particularly under the extraordinary circumstances caused by the tragic events in the country.

Lattakia has recently hosted a private one-day charity event attended by more than 400 children with special needs and their parents.

The Wedding Anniversary: Making Marriage Long Lasting

If a marriage was worth celebrating originally, then it ought to be worth re-celebrating. An anniversary is much like a shared birthday and ought to be a memorable occasion.

Wedding anniversaries, like other celebrated days, are worth putting some time and effort into making that day something to be remembered.

Hopefully, good marriages get better with time, so each year should be a celebration of making something that was good and meaningful into something that is even better.

There are a lot of jokes and references to one spouse or the other forgetting their wedding anniversary; that is mostly a myth, most couples remember this day in one way or another.

On International Women Day: Syrian Women Major Victims of Armed Groups Atrocities

DAMASCUS, (ST) -Syria marks International Women Day amid challenges produced by the unjust global war waged against the country. The crimes of the armed terrorist takfiri groups mainly against Syrian women have targeted their existence and the successes they have achieved over the past decades at the social, political and economic levels.

Syrian women have been major victims of the ongoing tragic events in the country as many of them were exposed to serious violations by the terrorist groups targeting their vital role in society, said Kinda al-Shammat, the Minister of Social Affairs.

Martyr Foundation

Since the eruption of the crisis in Syria, Homs has suffered greatly from the presence of terrorism that deliberately destroyed the city's infrastructure as well as the people's properties. Homs paid the biggest bill of the crisis as many of its sons were martyrs while carrying out their national task in defending the homeland.

In reverence to the martyrs who forewent everything to protect their homeland's dignity and in appreciation of the people who remained in their homes resisting the savage terrorist groups starting from their strong belief that Syria is more important than their souls, several charities were established to provide all sort of support to the martyrs' families.