Survived Syrian Child Eye Witness to ISIL's Crimes against Children

Here is a true story highlighting the crimes and violations committed by the so-called Islamic States in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) terrorist organization and other terrorist groups against children in Syria.

After he escaped the terrorism of the ISIL, Mohammad, a 14 years old student (level 9) from the city of Ein al-Arab in Aleppo northern countryside narrated the story of his kidnapping along with tens of his fellow students on May 29th, 2014. He told SANA the details of the mass kidnapping and the torture they were exposed to at the ISIL captivity centers.

The New Birth

On Monday morning they left the village heading to al-Sha'er gas field. Twenty-four ambitious  intrepid young men joined  to the garrison that guard the field, which is an important source for the country's economy since it provides fuel for power stations . So each one of them knows the importance of the place in which they are.

On Wednesday night they were attacked by the barbaric armed gangs who wanted to control the field. Hence a hectic and severe battle was waged as the garrison personnel in cooperation with the NDF defended fiercely the terrorist Takfiri blind hatred attack aiming to destroy everything contributes to the renaissance and prosperity of the country.

Basma Association 7 years Of Children Cancer Service

Damascus, (ST ) - Over the past seven years Basma Association  has shared children diagnosed with cancer and their families their daily live, following the path of their treatment and their success stories to overcome the disease and carry on their live. As a result, it has gained a leading position among Syrian NGOs.

Wood Carving … Profession of Creativity, Skill

LATTAKIA, (ST) – Despite of its artistic beauty, the number of those who work in the domain of wood carving, which requires the combination of the imagination and ideas of an artist and the techniques and expertise of a carpenter, decreased at present time. Only a handful of artisans still cling to the profession that is facing major challenges after introducing modern technologies to the timber industry in general.

Despite this decrease in this industry, carved wood pieces still maintain their position to some people because it carries charm that is derived from the fragrant nature where others find in them real masterpieces and seek to possess them to decorate their homes.

Al-Mada Social Development Society in Focus

Caring for children in any country is a very important issue that necessitates collective efforts by the family, society and the government.

 In Syria, particularly during the past two decades, greater attention had been accorded to the issue of supporting juveniles to help them solve problems that threaten their future to ensure safe and stable childhood.

Al-Mada Society in Lattakia is one of these societies that care about children who are at risks; such as dropping out from schools, working children and early marriage.

Syrian Engineer Talks About the World of Arabian Horses

DAMASCUS, (ST) – Sariya al -Marzouq , young agronomist,  derived  her strength from the power of the mighty Euphrates River and burned by its bright sun that increased her  persistence and determination to learn more and get knowledge. She chose the difficult to study and discovered a lot about the world of horses and equestrian. Her specialization stemmed  from her love for pure Arabian horses .. Those horses were attributed to the Arabs due to  their excessive  care and their maintenance to their offspring and their distinctive characteristics.

A Mountain Resort Hugging the Sea

Kasab can be considered resort no.1 among tourist sites along the coast of Syria. It is as old as human existence in the region. It was well known since Ugarit‘s period when people, at that time, discovered that Ba‘al, the God of Gods, lived in Mt. (Aron), a volcanic mountain still guarding Kasab.