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Olive Tree Moved From its Native Home, Syria, to the World

IDLEB, (ST) – Olives trees have been cultivated in Syria for thousands of years. This cultivation is deeply rooted in Mediterranean countries. Researches have demonstrated that the existence of wild olive in many areas is a reality and a concrete guide since old times while the spread of planted olive trees dates back to the fourth thousand BC and then moved to Greece about 2500 BC and reached Italy in the period 200 -700 BC.

Tal Kalakh National Hospital

Tal Kalakh National Hospital is one of the unique and important aspects of the outstanding development Syria has witnessed under the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad in all fields especially in health field. 

S.T visited the hospital and met with the director general of the hospital, Dr. Badie Naim Khader, who said: "It is one out of the fifteen EU loan-financed hospitals carried out in Syria. The hospital is designed and built according to the latest technology and equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and services to provide the best medical services free of charge to all citizens. The opening of the hospital was held under the patronage and support of H.E the President, Dr. Bashar al-Assad in    September 2005. The hospital was rehabilitated in 2013".


Narcotics are drug derivatives with multifarious effects. Some users tend to escape from an excruciating pain into a state of numbness taking a journey into a virtual world where they seek a refuge of serenity and psychological relief.

Some poets argue that the hazardous effect of spirits is much less than the impact of drugs which in most cases make death a commodity. This concern over the use of opium prompted the international community to dedicate June 26th as a day against drugs to be a stimulus in alerting the world against the lethal effects triggered by drugs and drug trafficking which have become pandemic.

Putting drug trafficking under scrutiny will bombshell the reality that this business is booming and it drew lots of promotions and addictions. Drugs Mafia amass million of dollars while addicts fall into a swamp of delirium to come to a belated conclusion they should have reached earlier.

UN Special Bureau for Refugees in Sweida

Sweida governorate has witnessed recently the inauguration of the United Nations Higher Commission bureau for refugees affairs in the southern area of Syria .

The bureau aims at offering and ensuring all out aid for the homeless in Sweida , Draaa and Quneitra .

Minister of labour and Social Affairs Ministry Dr. kinda al- Shamat  reiterated during the inauguration ceremony that the bureau will be in charge for distributing humanitarian aid for all refugees in the southern district of Syria.

Child Labor, One of the Repercussions of Crisis in Syria

In any society, the exploitation of children in different kinds of work deprives them of their childhood and hinders their ability to attend school. Besides, child labor has dangerous and harmful mental, physical, social and moral impacts on children; impacts that need orchestrated efforts by International organizations and governments of the world’s countries to eradicate the phenomenon of employing children.

The World Day against Child Labor, which falls on June 12, was marked this year by stressing the need to provide more social protection to all children of the world, particularly those under armed conflicts.

Homs Old City after Terrorists Exit

 Following the exit process of the terrorist gunmen, I was one of the first returnees to Homs old city district.

I went back there with my friend Naya and her family, who had left their home for more than two years ago. I thought that our destination would be to Alhamidiah, where the family used to live, to check their house, but to my astonishment, Naya said to me:"There is something more important than the house to be inspected. We will head for the church, Om Al-Zenar church, the church where I and my husband and our children as well were baptized.

We went directly to the church. All people there were working tirelessly to remove the rubble of the burnt church. The church's priest participated in the work .He was working with his hands to clean the place.  Everybody was working, but the destruction was very huge.

Once Again Terrorism Strikes Homs

For the second time I have been to Homs city in less than a month. I went to al-Abasseyah quarter which was savagely struck once more by the malevolent armed terrorist mercenary groups, but this time the attack was larger, more violent and bloody. It resulted in the martyrdom of more than one hundred civilians and hundreds of others wounded.

Since the beginning of the crisis, people of this quarter have used to experience all types of the terrorists' perfidious weapons including sniping, random mortars shelling and locally-made missiles as well as destroying the houses and killing the people on the streets. Their systematic aggression did not stop at this point, they have recently escalated their killing machine to become booby-trapped cars, bombs and missiles that have targeted, in the past few weeks, schools, shops and markets which are usually frequented by the poor and the low-income people.